Digitization: it’s not about technology but about people

Digitization is about people. It is about us being able to help you improve your business by providing your customers and employees with great services, right at their fingertips. Are you ready to say goodbye to paper?

This age is shaped more than ever by consumers, data and the internet. Your customers want quick and easy transactions. They don’t want to sign papers in an office or send items by post. They want to apply online, sign online and pay right away.
By digitizing your business, you will create a fully connected experience for your customer and other stakeholders. Not only is it great for your customers, but also for your business. Digitization allows you greater efficiency, accuracy, traceability, lower costs and real insights with a ton of new data,which enables you to make data driven decisions, improve your business and stay ahead of your competition.
We can digitize your entire value chain. Thus everything you do—from customer or end user interactions, through document production and storage— is digitally driven. Some examples of this include:

•	Digital Identity
•	Digital Signature
•	Digital Preservation

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Key features

  • Digital Identity

    WL e-identity manages Digital Identity in compliance with eIDAS and GDPR new European regulations, to increase the trust in the digital transaction, by reducing the fraud and providing a positive User eXperience thanks notably to strong mobile authentication and biometrics features.

    Digital Signature

    WL e-contract solution helps achieve a quick return on investment due to the multiplication of sales opportunities achieved through this new 24/7 digital channel, and the drastic cost reduction caused by paper being replaced with digital management.

    Digital Preservation

    WL Digital Preservation suite consists of two complementary assets, WL e-safe and WL e-archiving, which can be customized to meet your business needs. Based on flawless solutions, they protect your electronic documents with absolute trust.

Tailor made digital roadmap

At Worldline, we understand your business is unique. Together we’ll design the most cost-effective digitization strategy that is tailored to your business objectives, values and your customers. How can we do this? 

We’ll set up and implement a digitization end-to-end roadmap, which will include the following 7 steps:

• Analyze your digital maturity level
• Determine your digitization roadmap
• Enable smooth transition
• Integrate with existing technologies
• Comply with regulatory requirements
• Provide ongoing support and innovation
• Create a secure, trusted service.


Key benefits to digitize your business and processes

Reliable and interoperable digital transactions

Compliant eIDAS regulation digital transactions, legally accepted in all European Member States. 

Reduced costs and improved efficiency

More than 50% savings compared to paper. Process time divided in half. 

Greater security and traceability

Rely on certified Trust Services hosted in secured data centers running payment services. 

Increase revenue

End to end Omni channel services available 24h/7d over all European countries through any device, from anywhere at any time to innovate and create new revenue streams. 

They trust us


Do you want happier customers, better service, higher efficiency and reduced costs? Get in touch now and enter the digital age.

We digitize according to your requirements:

• Paper
• Processes
• Behavior
• Relationships and communication
• Covering identity
• Transactions
• Payments
• Preservation

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Customer testimonial

Listen to Bram Lerouge - General Manager of Doccle - explaining how his innovative company simplifies the way end-users do their digital administration. It includes one central place for secure storage in the Private Cloud for all Belgian citizens, to reduce the cost for sending paper and providing value added services such as alerting and payment.

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The digital transformation of the point of sale is a key axis of Bouygues Telecom’s strategy.

Thus, it is in this context that, in early 2015, Bouygues Telecom began the transformation of its 550 points of sale, which represent the company’s showcase and brand image. Bouygues Telecom naturally turned to Worldline for help with this implementation, following a first successful contact regarding SEPA mandates in 2013, the goal being to create a fully digitized customer journey.

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● Efficient

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WL ID Center to guarantee quickly the user’s identity and reduce fraud

Enables strong authentication thanks to biometrics features in accordance to data privacy requirements (GDPR).

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WL e-identity Reducing fraud and repudiation

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