The challenge of customer experience in the age of digital

By 2020, customer experience will be the key differentiator for companies, more important than product and price criteria. In addition, the growth of online services is accelerating the digital transformation, meaning that customer contact centers need to be accessible to existing or potential clients, whatever the channel.

The relationship between customers and brands evolves with the digital transformation. It is necessary that the relationship with customers be unified on all channels (including chat and video) and be available on mobile devices
To increase brand loyalty enterprises need to deliver a unique experience with their customers.  Customer insights and data analysis must be mastered to have a 360° customer view.
While improving the customer experience, companies must increase their efficiency with combining automation/AI and human processing.
Companies are looking for flexible and scalable solutions that adapt to their constant evolutions



Worldline believes that organizations must create strong relationships with their users to stand out. It therefore helps big companies to improve dialogue with their customers, through everyday support for managing their conversations. With this goal, Worldline operates omni-channel solutions on their behalf, which are ergonomic and customizable. They facilitate the work of colleagues and contribute to improving the customer experience
The Competence Shared Center Contact



Our mission statement

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Worldline: your first-class partner for a Cloud Contact Center

The core of WL Contact is developed by our experts. By doing this, Worldline ensures utmost control and can meet your needs perfectly with:

Our strengths

• A 100% non-intrusive web solution
• A secure and adaptable platform designed to deal with peaks in your workload
• A business model based on your business metrics
• Interfaces specially designed by our ergonomics experts and designers. By doing this, we can guarantee that they are easy to use.




A customer testimonial

One of our customers discusses the benefits of our solution for his business and the positive impacts it had since its implementation.

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WL Contact meets the objectives and challenges of management and customer relationship management in an omnichannel context.

Give your agents a customer knowledge interface that they can use to improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

• History of customer journey
• Easy access to customer information
• On the shelf or customized

Control your KPIs with intuitive and customizable interfaces

• Personal dashboards
• Customized omnichannel reports
• Access on mobile device for more reactivity

Effectively and easily design and manage all the relationship channels in line with your business needs.

• Flexibility in adding agents, center, channels
• High level of personalization

Engage your customers with the right channel, at the right moment

• Multichannel customer surveys
• Outbound campaigns

How we can help - Key figures

• 20 000 agents at a time
• 2,2 billion calls
• 150 people dedicated to our product and our customer support

A robust Messaging platform to provide SMS services and Push-App notifications


WL Mobile Messaging solution

Worldline’s mobile Messaging platform offers a complete set of messaging solutions (mainly SMS and Push notifications), under a SaaS model which allows companies to drive new business opportunities and challenges associated with the emergence of new devices and technologies, solving IT integration issues (from cost management to connectivity with operators), and integrating mobility in key business applications such as CRM, SAP, WFM, SFA, etc.

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