Industrial machines makers transformation challenges

Business critical industrial machines are machines for which downtime has a critical business impact for the owner in its industry. 79% of Industrial Machine makers (process industry, manufacturing, energy production, health care, transport and mining) believe that the Industrial IoT will be disruptive with the 5 next years, but 88% feel unprepared.

How do we leverage the data collected from machines? Get useful information in order to transform business with manufacturers into services with the goal to increase efficiency of clients and create new value for them.
Having remote access to the machine is considered to behigh risk, and many manufacturers have not considered this topic for this reason.
Every manufacturer is told that IoT, Cloud and Big Data will allow him selling services like predictive maintenance or machines in a pay per use model to get undying loyalty. But data needs first to be massively collected, implying deployments, including retrofitting machines in the fields, and customers’ acceptance. It also needs change management and tuning of existing aftersales  contracts, warranty management, and adapting your enterprise processes (CRM, SCM, PLM…).This certainly cannot be done through a Big Bang strategy.

A customer case based on our core solution

Our approach

  • Accompanying our customers all along their digital path

    “Connect” is the first step: Codex Communication Platform powered by Worldline has been connecting, hundreds of thousands of machines for the last 15 years with absolute security. The second step is to get condition monitoring and remote diagnostics: Worldline’s IoT Services Hub helps you to leverage the IoT Data into meaningful data for your aftersales teams (Dashboarding, alerting, ticket creation). To optimise and transform your business further, WL Data Analytics platform and our experts can support you with improving warranty management, remote diagnostics, spare parts and predictive maintenance and getting better usage insights for your R&D.

    Rich set of connectivity types and protocols

    The Codex Core Communication supports LAN-to-LAN (IPSec, VPN), Internet and wireless connectivity (with our telecom partner). Condition monitoring can be easily done through our lightweight Java agent, and many remote access protocols are supported for remote diagnostics and collaboration (Teamviewer, Remote Desktop , VNC, HTTPS, Web sockets, NetOp, Citrix, SFTP, SCP, BACNet, SNMP, CU).

    Business partner

    IoT’s Worldline team and data experts work for a personalized approach adapted to your activity, including system integration. Worldline has already connected machines and systems and can help you to shape your future business by a mix of business support and Lab mode (rapid POC, pilot phase) to provide a joint understanding of the business potential and of the value for your customers. Worldline is also part of research initiatives and industrial consortiums such as IDS (Industrial Data Space). Worldline can bring many other assets (mobile apps, Data analytics, payments, 2G/3G connectivity…) for a successful and long-term partnership.

    Global Partner

    The Worldline solutions run in Worldline or Atos premises, on Azure or AWS IaaS as well as on Microsoft IoT PaaS for the IoT services hub. Worldline has already deployed hubs in Europe, Singapore and North America.

Integrating data analytics to improve your business

Improve aftersales perceived performance by customers

Leveraging field transparency and remote services improve machine availability, your efficiency in managing preventive maintenance plans as wellas unplanned events, and reduce time-to-repair and increase the fix-it-right-the-first-time rate. 

Reduce costs of condition-based maintenance and diagnostics

By reducing travel costs and optimising the field technician ns network as well as the back-office costs (spares, resources, processing optimisation); aftersales services can reach 10% savings. 

Improve customer insights and loyalty

Learn the “Voice of the Product” and achieve more insight on how it is really used to proactively interact with your customer and prepare a new generation of products better matching your customers’ needs. 

Prepare your transformation from product to services.

Once you have optimised your aftersales, increasing your margin and customer loyalty, get absolute transparency & control on your activity and consider new services such as pay-per-use and pay per part in order to create more value. 

They trust us

Remote Aftersales services for different industries

WL Connected Living solutions are adapted to different industries

Our solutions and enabled customers' solutions

  • Connected Windmills
  • Connected Healthcare machines
  • Connected Train
  • Connected Building technology
  • Connected Road traffic infrastructures
  • Connected Conveying systems
  • Digital Doorman for shop floor remote access control
  • Connected Gas and Steam turbines
  • Connected Production machines

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Cost savings and efficiency for remote maintenance with Industrial IoT

European manufacturers are looking to improve their after-sales services and to develop additional services that they can offer to their customers. Remote maintenance, also known as remote service, is one of the solutions offered in the scope of Industrial IoT.

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A concrete customer’s use case

Siemens remote services

Based on our Codex Communication Platform powered by Worldline, Siemens uses a solution able to increase the machines uptime by 10%!

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