Digital transformation in transport from four perspectives

Digital Ticketing goes beyond the bankcard powering business and empowering consumers to travel freely from door to destination across any mode through the convergence of ticketing and payment.

Future travel demands can only be met with digital technology
Passengers expect their payments to be secure and their data protected
Consumer and business services need innovative resource management and mobile technology
How can our transport infrastructure support 2.5 billion more people in our cities by 2050? 

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Our Digital Ticketing end-to-end proposition is based on a thorough understanding of three key components, and the complex interplay between them:

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    Passengers demand real-time, accurate travel information, available through multiple channels, so they can plan multimodal journeys before they set off. This data should be available online and on the go, on personal hand-held devices and on operator panels.


    Travellers look for choice, flexibility and speed when it comes to paying and fulfilling public transport fares – whether by pre-paid travel cards, mobile technology, or by card or cash at stations, or in-travel.


    People want the freedom to get from start to end destination using any mode of transport, at any time – locally, nationally or internationally – and have integrated, intermodal ticketing systems to support less fragmented, more seamless journeys. Ideally, travellers want a seamless experience event though there might be several changes or modes of transport. And at the same time, they want to pay the best fare(s) for their end-to-end journey.


Travel for the masses: how do we keep up?

More and more of us are travelling. We travel further and more frequently, as populations grow and cities expand. At the same time, the way we choose, arrange and use travel services is increasingly technology-based. People have easier access to detailed travel information and are more comfortable making their travel arrangements independently and in transit. These changes create fundamental challenges that the industry must address.
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Key benefits of digital ticketing


For the consumer

  • Reduced complexity from fare types and incomprehensible rules
  • Speed-up access to services
  • Getting best value options (allow best price calculation according to real usage)
  • An integrated and multimodal ticketing system that allows for seamless journeys, with common fare media for all transportation services

For the transport operator

  • Improved revenue collection
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction from the provision of more relevant services
  • Enhanced data collection for improved efficiency and new revenue streams
  • Reduced operating costs

For cities/transport authorities

  • Simplify access to public transport
  • Key information to improve transport network and tariff planning
  • Integrated services around mobility needs (bus, metro, train, parking, car sharing, bike sharing, etc.)
  • Enhanced audit and control processes
  • Boost productivity growth

Digital ticketing solutions and services

Digital transformation has simplified the world around us. It has given us access to new services and business models and for the transport sector, it is no different. Our solutions allow customers to access services with ease while enhancing customer satisfaction, optimizing revenue collection, improving data capture and enhancing back office control. The combination of our transport and payment experience integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), contextual real time data and digital transformation can power your business economic growth. 

The convergence of ticketing and payment for a seamless journey.

WL Tap2Use is an extensible digital ticketing service that provides a unique smart ticketing solution, including Open Payment and Account Based ticketing.

WL Tap2use makes the traveller’s journey seamless by providing the option of buying and paying for a train, metro or bus ticket in one action using various devices, including contactless bank cards, NFC devices, QR codes or local smart ticketing schemes such as ITSO and Calypso.

WL Automated Fare Collection

Provides “end-to-end” ticketing with a powerful and fully configurable central system. By adding a complete and flexible set of fare media, you will easily meet any transport operator and passenger requirements. Why choose when you can offer it all? 


Our mobile ticketing solutions allow your employees to have access to your data in the palm of their hands using Android-based mobile technology with deep payment integration and smart ticketing scheme compliance as well as relevant service and operational data. 

Multi tenancy retailing customer oriented platform

We build and run specific solutions to cover your requirements. 

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The convergence of ticketing and payment for a seamless journey

Our society is witnessing the digital revolution of the ticketing industry from traditional ticket and card centric systems, where the fare media is supplied by the service provider, to ‘Open Loop’ and ‘ID-based’ systems that allow consumers to use contactless payment cards, smartphones or other digital IDs to access.

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WL Tap2Use: simplified access, no need for a ticket!

ID Based ticketing Open Payment

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Expert view “Jump onboard the high-speed Digital Transformation”

Thanks to today’s technology, passengers can control their own ticketing and will soon perhaps even be able to take care of their own after-sales and after-journey services. In this context, operators need to find ways to stay relevant against this background of personal digital technology…

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Worldline, an initial partner in Visa Ready for Transit programme


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Worldline's Mobile Acceptance solution chosen by Transilien, the renowned SNCF-owned suburban railway service, to manage the payment and regularization of tickets on-the-go


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