Leveraging the power of data

The Worldline Analytics Platform is based on a modern, cutting-edge software and hardware basis, which enables the implementation of the data analysis and processing needs of our customers, with full support from our team of business and technical experts.

Data warehouse & BI

Decision support 
Data visualization

Datalake & Analytics

Study & data science
High performance processing
Predictive analysis
Artificial Intelligence

Real time & API

Data marketplace 

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Key features

  • End-to-end services for data management and analytics

    Worldline can find and deliver the value of your data from the beginning of your request to full service delivery.

    Cutting edge technologies for all types of data

    Leading technologies for all steps in a data project from collection to delivery.

    Expertise and tooling in data science and Artificial Intelligence

    Strong expertise in data science and associated assets and tools. Our experts will help you discover the real value of your data.

    Fast Time-to-Market

    Fast delivery, using an already running solution. Quick results help you to retrieve the true value of your data.

WL Contextual Analytics for interactive marketing

Manage contextual customer behaviour for your marketing campaigns

Worldline’s Big data technology platform collects data from various interaction channels, both digital and physical, and processes them in real-time to interact with each consumer at the right place and the right time.

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Optimize your fraud control

Fraud is increasing again and has shifted from POS to CNP. It still is a major issue in the financial industry. The evolving digital economy has created new fraud threats and increased the number of financial crimes. New acceptance channels, such as the mobile, represent new opportunities for fraudsters

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Worldline’s assets are part of the Atos Codex portfolio

Atos looks to Codex to drive IoT momentum


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Atos Codex - Our suite of business-driven analytics solutions and services

Atos Codex provides a practical and agile framework for any enterprise seeking to accelerate time to business value using advanced analytics.

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Delivering smart business services that harness the value of your IoT data

With our Atos Codex portfolio, we offer insight and practical expertise, enabling our clients to envision and establish practical and rewarding IoT strategies.

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