Boost productivity in IT operations

The most important challenges of enterprises today are controlling quality, cost of service assurance and delivery, staying ahead of change and complexity in IT infrastructure; and optimizing availability and utilization of applications, server systems, services and devices.

Combine all systems, hosts, applications and services into a holistic solution to detect, solve and prevent problems.
Manage your IT environment from a central GUI and protect your independence from manufacturers and operating systems.
Use autonomous monitoring capabilities to prevent failures in your IT and IoT infrastructures as early as possible.
Increase the availability and clarity of important information on the state of your IT resources. Get real-time information on your operations thanks to a continuous monitoring of your core business IT resources. 

A modern and integrated control panel for IT operations


Key features

  • Availability of hardware and software component monitoring

    This solution monitors the status of IT systems in order to ensure a high degree of availability for servers, applications and IT services in the network. To this end, the monitoring systems evaluate information coming from a wide variety of sources such as log files, process tables and protocols etc.

    Monitoring hardware and software component performance

    This solution measures the performance of server systems, applications and IT services on a regular basis. In addition, the performance parameters provided by the particular operation or application systems, e.g. key processing data, are calculated cyclically. The aim is continual collection and processing of important key data in order to deliver valuable advice for IT resource planning.

    End-to-end service monitoring

    As an enterprise monitoring solution, boom also provides process and tools for service probing. It aligns IT systems with business-oriented goals and takes a proactive approach to service performance.

    Agent-based and agent-less monitoring

    The use of both, agent-based and agentless monitoring is included with any boom license at no extra cost. The combination of agent-based and agentless monitoring provides comprehensive and complete mechanisms for implementing holistic and cost effective enterprise management solutions.

Key benefits of our solution

Efficient and effective IT & IoT monitoring

A rich set of instrumentation includes monitors for databases, SAP, email, active directory, Java applications and more. It handles many different IT management protocols and mechanisms, e.g. from SNMP, ICMP to WMI. 

Flexible IT solution

Low training costs, quick and easy to learn with an intuitive user interface geared towards IT operation processes. 

Investment security through cost savings

A cost-efficient solution with low license fees. Boom offers minimal operating costs thanks to its simple administration interface and the ability to automate many steps in IT operations.