Connect the driver with your brand all along the automotive journey

Worldline is your partner of choice on the connected vehicle market whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or tier-1 supplier.

Worldline provides a wide spectrum of white label solutions:

  • a pay per use model
  • a white SIM & 2G/3/G network management
  • a service delivery platform
  • telematics services
  • a dongle based mobile solution
  • UBI scoring analytics
  • an innovative In-Vehicle payment
  • an app shop
  • an electro mobility payments
  • a Blockchain car maintenance book…

Our global approach



  • A Connected Car program

    Worldline builds and operates Connected Car program on a global scale. We have partnered with Renault R-Link 1 and R-Link 2 as our flagship providers. This includes telecom, content and services provider integration into a Service Delivery platform. The program can also include additional optional developments for Front Ends, API management, IT integration, or end user services.

    After-market Connected solutions

    Worldline offers two ways of collecting data: OBD Bluetooth dongle or Black box with SIM card. For the OBD Bluetooth dongle, a companion mobile App is provided. Both solutions allow collecting not only standard EOBD data (rpm, standard DTC, MIL, speed etc.) but also OEM specific data such as mileage, fuel level, default codes, service interval etc. In addition, Worldline developed a Blockchain-based digital car service book that prevents falsified records of the car service history. These technologies become the basis for a successful Vehicle Relationship Management (VRM).

    Data analytics solutions

    Worldline Data Analytics’ platform and our experts allow analysis of connected cars’ data for different use cases. Worldline provides datamarts and reports for UBI (Usage Based Insurance) driver behaviour scoring and also warranty and aftersales contract verification. Data analysis also provides useful inputs for marketing campaigns on aftersales accessories and car service.

    Payments solutions

    We offers a vast variety of solutions in payments. Worldline introduced the first In-Vehicle Payment solution and automotive App Shop with Renault R-Link in 2011. Innovation continues with payment system for electro mobility infrastructures, Mobile Wallet to find the cheapest fuel station and pay directly on mobile or from the car, with extensions to pay the Drive-in, parking or anything else on the road, conveniently. Worldline is also active in building automotive marketplaces.

Our key partners

Hardware providers

Worldline works with different partners for aftermarket devices and telecommunications.  

Telecommunications providers

We work with partners to get cost-efficient 2G/3G network and white-SIM for OEM. 

Contents and Services partners

Worldline develops partnerships to supply state of the art services: maps & location-based services (routing, ETA, traffic etc.), vehicle fault codes interpretation, In-Vehicle telematics fitments, fuel, parking and other contents. 

They trust us

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WL Connected Vehicle

Engage your customer with a leading connected vehicle solutions provider

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Expert view: “The Connected Car is now an integral part of the IoT family”

The automobile industry is going through a fast-paced technological evolution and the connected car is now an integral part of the IoT family, having become a full-blown communicating object. The car is no longer a black box offering a portfolio of services only dedicated to safety and security.

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Our innovative solutions

Expert view: “When Blockchain technology frees up car sharing”

Thanks to Blockchain, the Car Maintenance Book presents several advantages for both consumers and the other participants in this value chain. On one hand, consumers are taking control of their personal data with the use of a cryptographic key.

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In-Vehicle Payment solution

A next generation In-Vehicle Payment proof-of-concept enables a new shopping experience for drivers who can make a purchase anytime and anywhere without having to use their devices. An innovative payment car-based solution runs on GENIVI® Operating System.

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e-car charger Proof Of Concept: an innovative charging point for electric cars using the power supply of public streetlights!

Worldline enables electric car owners to recharge their e-car using the energy supply to streetlights and pay directly online for charging their car using our Worldline secured online payment services. This new charging point system also guarantees the security of transactions on a new Android-based payment terminal.

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