Internet Of Things is a major transformation challenge

IoT and Big Data are key pillars for the digital transformation of most industries. The user is constantly connected in his car, home, city and other living areas. Manufacturers, utilities, insurers want to be connected to their consumers, developing new business models and improving many operations thanks to real-time information. Experience has proven that this change is best done in a step by step approach.

Getting field transparency is the first step. This requires different knowledge in embedded software, wired and wireless networks, connectivity, and data transport. The quality of data is key, just as important as the security and scalability of data collection in real-time. This is what we call the transactional IoT, the DNA of Worldline since the 80’s when we began connecting payment terminals and ATM.
This second step consists in getting the connected object serviceable first. Making objects intelligent enables you to build up customer IoT services and optimize your own enterprise processes afterwards. This requires the ability to develop or integrate services into an ecosystem.
The ultimate step of the transformation of your enterprise is to develop a data-driven strategy with IoT data inputs. This will allow you to benefit from increased customer knowledge and find new business models opportunities.

Worldline, a leader for IoT transactions


Adaptable and secure IoT solution for a fast business development

WL Connected Living solutions are connecting over 2M objects:  passenger and commercial vehicles, home appliances, industrial machines, energy production machines, traffic systems, utilities metering and hydro/weather sensors etc. We process over 70 M secured IoT transactions daily.

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Our IoT solutions for vertical businesses

Worldline has been investing for years in building Cloud-Based vertical products. These products are Worldline’s core value-proposal. Combined with additional software assets and expertise, we allow the best trade-off between SaaS vendors and specific solutions. Worldline offers both product development and end-to-end integration to allow your focus to be on differentiating services.

WL Connected Car

Service delivery platform, In-Vehicle services and payments, data analytics. 

WL Connected Fleet

Reduce TCO of customer’s fleets  

WL Industrial IoT

Optimise aftersales of your assets through remote servicing and predictive maintenance 

WL Connected Home

Improve your customer’s life and gain customer intimacy 

IT & IoT Monitoring

Increase your IT & IoT Management 

Our commitment


Engage your customers, thanks to the key leader for Connected Life!

Our value proposition matches your market approach. We constantly develop white label platforms and software assets that can be assembled to improve your ROI and limit the time-to-market for your most innovative IoT project. Worldline is compliant with all regulations to guarantee data security and privacy of your data.

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Key benefits to setup your IoT business

Best tradeoff between time-to-market and market differentiation

Worldline’s offerings combine ready to use white-label products (Saas) and specific integration models.  

Risk sharing

With its pay per use business model and product roadmaps, Worldline shares the risks of your innovative projects.  

Long-term relationship

Worldline’s philosophy, as well as its numerous investments in IoT, mobility, analytics and payments, are guarantees of future-proof joint investments. 

Security & Privacy

With its 40 years’ experience as a payment leader and with a deep understanding of the rising threats of IoT hacking, Worldline offers the highest security level in all its solutions. 

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