Connected Home is evolving

IoT, Cloud and Data Analytics are enabling a new generation of services with value added to improve your customer’s life, drive customer intimacy and upsell customized services. Home appliances manufacturers and retailers, internet services providers SP, utilities & insurance companies are all willing to become the multi-services operator of household services.

Connecting home appliances or other household devices enables a higher transparency on usage and creates opportunities for stronger customer knowledge and a more intimate customer relationship. 
Collecting and analysing the data from multiple household objects is by far the most powerful tool to adapt your product behaviour to the local specificities. It is the key to faster problem solving in case of malfunction and it gives the necessary knowledge to make household objects’ next generation better fit with real usage.
Interoperability is a 30-year-old dream in the autonomous home world, a dream that IoT is about to make a reality. IP and non-IP worlds, battery constraint and plugged objects, residential gateways and clouds API, GAFAs and standardization groups are offering a realm of possibilities.

Our experts develop and customize the solution for your needs.


Build advanced IoT services based on connected household devices and wearables from multiple brands, within a unified solution

  • A core product that allows mobile and data analytics teams to develop and operate your differentiating services.

    Worldline’s white label platform, namely, Connected Home Platform, includes a set of APIs to help integrate your end user app within your IT and supply-chain processes. Its features and level of industrialization allow you to go from POC to production in just a few weeks! Connectivity, on-board units, mobile app and data analytics can be added.

    Rich set of protocols

    The core product can connect objects through Web Sockets (mqtt and amqp), depending on your type of IP objects. For home area networks such as Zigbee, KNX, Z-Wave, Worldline can implement connectivity through a Residential Gateway such as OpenHAB. Cloud-to-Cloud connectivity is also possible with Nest API, Somfy Tahoma, Philipps Hue, Withings and Amazon Alexa.

    Unification of objects brands and types

    Our Connected Home Platform integrates an abstraction layer to unify a user’s different household appliances from different brands and create interactions between the objects.

    A personalized business approach

    Our IoT and data experts’ teams work to develop a personalized approach adapted to your activity, including system integration. Worldline is also part of standardization groups such as eebus in Smart Energy. Furthermore, Worldline can deliver many other assets such as: mobile apps, Data analytics, payment systems, 2G/3G connectivity etc.

    A global Partner

    Our Connected Home Platform can run in the Worldline premises, in any vCloud IAAS or on Microsoft IoT PaaS. Worldline has already deployed hubs in Europe, China, USA and Russia.

Make the difference through innovative added value services

Our main strengths

  • Ready to use whitelabel core application:

    • Set of API keys to develop any end-user mobile or Web IoT App rapidly.
    • All business process already implemented: object types configuration, in factory just-in-time object provisioning
    • Flexible for customer IT integration : CRM, after-sales, CMS
    • Achieve a POC (Proof Of Concept) with a level of industrialisation  in just 9 months from scratch 

    Set of services API

    • OAuth2 User authentication and authorisation
    • Control through Amazon Alexa assistance
    • User – objects pairing / enrolment, list of paired objects
    • Remote object status and control
    • Remote Diagnostic by technician authorized by  user
    • Interoperability scenarios and orchestration
    • Flexible real-time notifications rules and channels
    • Dashboards and Reports on activity.

    Business support features

    • Secure access and identification of objects (TLS & PKI as a service)
    • Users/User groups/Third parties credentials and roles management
    • Security and Privacy by design
    • European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
    • Master Data Management of devices and associated business processes
    • 4 different object/edge authentication schemes
    • User hub : API for faster integration with CRM, and for users synchronization
    • Over-the air updates
    • OAuth2.0: authentication through Facebook or other IAM system
    • CRM integration allow front developers to access CRM data (support of SAP Hybris and other CRM)
    • Role-based access

“With Worldline as a trusted partner, we hope to  enrich over 10 years the Gorenje Group’s existing experience in research projects, pilot experiments, and other pre-development activities, to enable customer oriented solutions for a smart kitchen/home that are elegant, well designed, user friendly and practical.”
Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO of Gorenje Group

Transform the Gorenje business approach from a product-centric to a service-centric model

Based on its Connected Living Solutions, Worldline is supporting the Gorenje Group's first step towards their digital transformation by enabling connectivity to their appliances. Worldline's cloud platform is connecting home appliances and is integrated with various Gorenje Group’s IT tools such as ERP, CRM, Logistics or After Sales.

More detail in the press release

Key benefits for your connected services

Make your Connected Home project happen!

While it’s easy to do pilots in the IoT, when it comes to production with thousands of objects’ messages per second, interacting with the household users and with your IT systems is quite different. Choose the proven in-use solutions managing more than 70M messages per day and teams with a consolidated experience over more than 15 years. 

Differentiate and reduce Time-to-Market

A considerable part of the investment on an IoT project is dedicated to securing, integrating, implementing business processes. This may not be perceived by your customers. However, Worldline’s solution allows you to receive a tailor-made differentiating solution with a faster go to market, and  a greater impact on competition. 

Share the risk of your IoT innovative project

Lean start-up approaches help you learn step by step and progressively validate your hypothesis. Thanks to our pay per use model, our constant investments in products, and our focus on innovation and our track record, Worldline is the ideal companion to start a digital transformation journey. 

Brand of objects already integrated

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