Inventing the digital future

Customers expect an end-to-end partner to support them in their digital transformation with the creation of innovative solutions, leveraging similar experiences across sectors, and committing on joint business cases while smoothly managing the associated change management.

In this area, we provide end-to-end digital transactional services leveraging data and payment for a stronger customer engagement.


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Connected Living Solutions

Verticl white label platforms for Industrial & Consumer IoT including Connected Home, Connected Car, Connected Fleet, Industrial IoT, IT&IoT monitoring solutions 

Trusted Services

Secure, simple & seamless digitization services 

Data Analytics

End-to-end services for Data Management and Analytics 

Fleet Management System

Telematics services connecting trucks, trailers and cars 

Omni-channel Contact Center solution

An omni-channel, ergonomic and customizable solution for contact centers 

Mobile Solutions & Services

Worldline’s competence center solutions to define, build and manage the lifecycle of mobile projects both end-to-end and specific services 

Industrial IoT

IoT & Analytics solutions for remote servicing 

Digital ticketing solutions

E-Ticketing solutions and services to deliver a smooth journey experience 

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A win-win relationship

Customers benefit from a transaction-based payment model whereby Worldline’s remuneration is tied to the success of the service provided, in terms of the number of transactions recorded. If there are many transactions and the customer is delighted, everybody wins!