Fraud rates are growing and affect e-merchants' activity.

Not only are they facing direct revenue losses, but they also have to pay for indirect costs linked to anti-fraud management.
Merchants need to implement fraud control on their side, leveraging the knowledge they have (customer’s identity and behavior, basket analysis, shipping information, device fingerprinting, payment data, etc.) with a scoring tool to take appropriate actions (accept or block transactions upfront, contact the client, block the delivery, etc.).

Worldline has developed an efficient fraud prevention tool adapted to all types of e-merchants. Key benefits for your online business are:

Conversion rate increase: A good balance between fraud detection and customer experience to catch all transactions.

Reduction of false positives: An accurate detection to prevent your business from losing money or goods.

Continuous improvement of your anti-fraud tool: An audit of your fraud records in order to present you a tailored strategic recommendation to optimize the fraud prevention.

Discover how the solution works

Worldline has developed an anti-fraud solution for e-merchants monitoring the whole purchasing path of your customers in order to prevent you from fraud attempts.

An end-to-end solution

Key features

  • An efficient scoring tool

    Establish a risk score for each transaction. Three scoring levels can be defined with thresholds you can customize.

    70+ fraud prevention rules

    Secure your activity thanks to an extensive set of rules for shopping carts, geolocation, velocity, blacklists, etc.

    Adaptable and customizable anti-fraud tool

    Adjust the anti-fraud tool to your specificities and your activity to optimize the security of your transactions.

    A team of fraud experts for a personalized approach

    Leverage our fraud experts’ knowledge to fine-tune your tool and get the most adapted solution to your business.