It is absolutely essential for merchants to have a good understanding of how fraudsters perform their attacks.

Fraudsters are very well organised and exploit most of the weaknesses of the security and legal aspects of e-commerce.

In particular:

  • they operate internationally.
  • they lure honest locals into supporting their fraudulent activities.
  • they hide behind overseas proxies.
  • 3-D Secure is not an obstacle for them.
  • they renew their types of attacks on a regular basis.

Therefore, it is essential that merchants understand fraudulent behaviour when they implement antifraud rules. It is also very important that they monitor the results regularly and maintain the correct settings accordingly. This is usually achieved through the creation of a fraud management team on the merchant’s side

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NFC Technology and PCI 4 certification, key drivers in the payments terminals market

Antoine Van Diem, General Manager for the Technologies and Products Business Unit at Worldline Belgium gives his insights.

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