Customer transformation challenges

Omnichannel convenience has become an imperative: customers want a frictionless and secured payment experience wherever they are. 

Empower your customers and drive conversion with new physical and digital services. 

Remove frictions from your user experience and put payment and transactions in the background   

Make data-driven approach possible 

How we can help

Integrated into your mobile app, our secured & advanced merchant wallet is tailor-made to fit with your business for a unique and seamless experience.

  • Convenient onboarding
  • One-click payment
  • Mobile-first payment services
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Secured container for digital identity
  • Integrated loyalty program and couponing
  • Standard security and compliance
  • Embedded new vertical services: Self check-in/check-out for hospitality, e-couponing and e-ticketing for events and entertainment

Key benefits for your online and brick-and-mortar business

Use your customer’s smartphone to easily and securely identify his/her buyer journey

Facilitate conversions with a ready-to-use engagement tool

Upgrade the mobile app customer-base and drive new service revenues through reliable data

Interface with multiple payment service providers

Proven track record with banks, top retailers and energy actors 

In the blog

NFC Technology and PCI 4 certification, key drivers in the payments terminals market

Antoine Van Diem, General Manager for the Technologies and Products Business Unit at Worldline Belgium gives his insights.

Discover the interview

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