Digital In-Store: the new normal

Engage shoppers with a differentiated, and personalized digital experience in-store and capture business wherever your customers are.

User interface and integrated payment experience for an absolute seamless shopping journey

  • Secure payments & authentication
  • In-store digital interactions
  • Mobile payments

Worldline's In-Store experience


A large and innovative portfolio to bring you to the next level of competitiveness

WL Interactive In-Store Experience is a complete range of digital interaction services, designed not only to promote your catalog but also to enrich and personalize shoppers' experience in store. We offer an all-in-one solution to boost sales and increase the value of the shopping basket
WL Digital Platform is a real-time oriented, scalable and secure core platform linked with commerce, payments, data, marketing applications and customer touchpoints, and dedicated to brand experiences.
Beyond payment, WL Merchant Wallet secures the consumer’s digital identity throughout the entire customer journey to make the shopping experience seamless, while reducing fraud and increasing security. With the integration of loyalty programs and couponing,  it reinforces your customers’ engagement by giving them access to digital retail services.
Worldline's payment terminals improve customers’ shopping experience with an easy and fast payment process using state-of-the art technologies: a large full-color screen, magstripe, chip and contactless (NFC) card/device readers, Ethernet, USB and serial port connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communications.

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NFC Technology and PCI 4 certification, key drivers in the payments terminals market

Antoine Van Diem, General Manager for the Technologies and Products Business Unit at Worldline Belgium gives his insights.

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