A unified portal for simple, fast transaction management

The OneSource merchant portal greatly facilitates your daily payment-related tasks. You can search, view and act on all your transactions in one place. OneSource also simplifies your dispute management process, thereby reducing your technical and operational overhead.

Transcation management

  • Easy access to all transactions

    With OneSource’s powerful search and filtering functions, finding just the right data for your purpose is always easy and fast. A detailed transaction view enables you to track your transactions at every stage of their life cycle.

    Actions on transactions

    Embedded cash management operations allow you to perform actions like canceling and capturing transactions, and to refund transactions partially or in full.

    Streamlined dispute handling

    Whenever a customer disputes a transaction, OneSource makes it easy to defend your case by uploading relevant documentation. You only need to manage one dispute process, in one single portal, with Worldline as your only point of contact.

    Flexible roles and permissions

    OneSource leaves you in full control over roles and permissions. Give your team members access to the information and functions they need in order to perform their tasks, while keeping your sensitive data and business-critical information safe.

    Multi-language support

    OneSource offers full multi-language support and is available in English, French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Easy omnichannel reporting and reconciliation

OneSource consolidates data from all payment methods and transaction types, and from all your sales channels: in-store, online and mobile. It provides data-rich insights into customer behavior, and enables you to track buyers across multiple channels.

By integrating with Worldline’s set of standard reports, you can significantly reduce the complexity that comes with using multiple payment partners. The reports provide an overview of the whole transaction lifecycle, and include all data points you might need for follow-up of specific transactions.

All reports are delivered in standardized, machine-readable file formats, and are easily integrated into your own systems for automation of order reconciliation processes

Reporting features include:

  • Standard reports to cover the whole transaction lifecycle
  • Automated parsing from a secure file location
  • Manual download from OneSource


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