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Omnichannel payment solutions enable a range of new services which can be used as a key differentiator to drastically improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Try at home and pay later

A busy store may discourage customers from trying your goods. Enable buyers to try them in the comfort of their home, bring back what does not suit them, and pay later what they keep.
  • Convenience
  • Customer loyalty & satisfaction

Recurring payments

Offer your customers the convenience of automated deliveries, and the possibility to sign up for your subscription offers in-store. Once the initial purchase has been paid at the POS terminal, you can use the encrypted card data for subsequent payments.
  • Openness to new business models
  • Customer retention through services

Endless Aisle

Bridging the divide between physical and digital store is the goal of “endless aisle”. You can showcase unlimited options in-store, and enable customers to order online if items are out of stock or too big to be on display.
  • A much broader product assortment in store
  • Customer satisfaction

Click & Return

Because sometimes your customers just need to bring something back, make it easy and painless for them. Give customers the possibility to order and pay online, and return items in-store. There' is no need for a second payment interaction; the customer receives the refund from the initial transaction number.
  • Convenience
  • Customer loyalty & satisfaction

One payment platform for every channel, everywhere

WL One Commerce Hub

Grow your business. Engage your customers. Differentiate your offering.

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Optimize and innovate

WL Merchant Wallet

Energize your customer engagement with the ultimate convenience.  

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WL Account-Based Payments

Get paid easily by Credit Transfer and Instant Payment with Payment Initiation Services

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