Digital transformation


Our clients are facing huge challenges to stay ahead of their competitors:

  • Better customer knowledge,
  • Real-time loyalty programs,
  • New payment experience,
  • Agility and compliance with new regulations.

Our leading transformation services to act digitally in fast-moving environments:

  • Industrial API structure,
  • Secured API management,
  • Developers community portal & tools,
  • Data orchestration: consolidation, repository, batch,
  • Real-time transaction monitoring,
  • Industrial and real-time capabilities,
  • Tailored business processes : payment and transaction management, data, management, operational marketing.

How can we help

A unified user experience across all points of interaction

Now users can seamlessly switch channels, so they can interact with branded services anytime, anywhere, on any device. Today, there are as many journeys as users.

Worldline helps clients to be as flexible as their users by:

Modernizing their legacy system

Accelerating their time-to-market

Energizing their agility and innovation

Our experts’ feedback

The digital imperative is  now! We are facing huge projects related to digital transformation from differents businesses or markets like digital ordering, loyalty, software synchronization.

In theses cases, no end-to-end solution can be delivered in a unified way. However, the expectations of clients are converging: data synchronisation across all channels, real-time services, unique reference architecture. And, the reality is that the set-up costs and time-to-market are very critical. That’s the reason why we have designed a specific starter platform to accelerate our clients' projects.

Heterogeneous context, multi-versions of softwares, multiple IT environments… Worldline has invested in a reference architecture platform with add-on services, which is now usable to concentrate flows, orchestrate and share data and to lead a progressive and full digital transformation. 

Our technologies

  • Apigee
  • Openshift
  • Docker
  • micro-services
  • DevOps
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud-ready