Efficient processing of your bulk payments

Even though the introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has made payment transactions within the EU much easier, handling of payments remains a challenge due to the ongoing developments in the industry. Our payment processing back-office solution ensures efficient processing of all your domestic transactions and SEPA payments across the eurozone.

You can expect full compliancy with the EPC scheme and supporting local Additional Optional Services (AOS), combined with the flexibility to allow for client- and product-specific processing. We also ensure the processing of your payment transactions remains compliant in the future and that you can add new features or functionalities for your clients with short time-to-market. In addition, we will enrich your payment services with investigations and valuable SEPA support services.


  • Burden-free processing of all SEPA payments (SCT, SDD and SCC)
  • Efficient processing for your peak volumes on a scalable platform
  • Supporting country-specific Additional Optional Services (AOS)
  • Comprehensive functionality off-the-shelf, flexible to cater for client- and product-specific deviations
  • Fully automated support of FX conversion to debit/credit a foreign currency account
  • Multi-bank, multi-branch and multi-scheme setup
  • Cost-efficient solution with a guaranteed compliancy with regulations
  • Safe and robust environment as per the latest technology and security standards

Value for our clients

  • Remain focused on your core business
  • Save costs while delivering at least the same level of service to your clients
  • Offer domestic payments with no long-term investments
  • Improve payments processing efficiency
  • Stay competitive and remain compliant