Ensuring compliancy checks for your payments

To ensure your payments are not only fast and easy, but also compliant with the applicable regulations, equensWorldline offers a wide range of compliance services. We validate your payment transactions against the applicable sanctions and embargo lists to ensure the payment is not suspicious and can be processed further.

All payments with hits against the names on the lists are flagged and presented for further investigations to banks’ compliance officers, while the respective payments are put on hold. In addition to the official lists, we also support bank-specific black lists, as well as white lists for a more efficient automated processing. We also ensure your payment processing is compliant with the latest wire transfer regulation.


  • Automated check against relevant official sanctions lists, bank-specific black-and-white lists
  • Wire transfer regulation checks and reporting
  • Flexible match/hit determination based on bank-specific rules
  • Access to the system for banks to qualify potential hits
  • Keeping sanctions lists up-to-date with the latest official versions
  • Integrated with banks’ payments processing systems/services
  • Fast processing, supporting instant payments timeline

Value for our clients

  • Stay compliant without the need to invest in a compliance platform
  • Easily access the system via the client software, with minimal administrative efforts
  • No need to worry about new and changing compliance regulations
  • Flexible options to determine hit % scores
  • Avoid high penalties for non-compliance and prevent reputational damage