Simplify your back-office payments processing

Payment processing is a fundamental part of the services banks provide to their clients. But it is also highly complex. Developments such as the introduction of instant payments, new regulatory obligations coming from the PSD2 Directive and increasing customer requirements force the industry to reshape payment processing drastically. This leads to serious challenges for banks, and puts pressure on margins.

As your specialized partner in payments back-office processing equensWorldline can help you with these challenges. We make sure that all required steps in the process are taken care of, efficiently and in real time. This includes receipt of the payment instruction, validation, enrichment, compliance checks, generation of debit/credit entries, submission for interbank settlement, and client reporting. While we perform processing of your payments, you can stay focused on your core business.

Our Payments Processing Back-Office services

SEPA and Domestic Payments

Efficient processing of your bulk payments 

Instant Payments

Accelerate your time to market for instant payments 

High-Value Payments

Providing the certainty you require for transfers of large amounts 

Multi-Currency Payments

High straight-through processing rate with flexible fee structures  

SWIFT Services

Exchange files and messages in an efficient, reliable and secure way 

Compliance Services

Ensuring compliancy checks for your payments 
Degussa Bank AG faced the challenge to modernize its payments processing infrastructure and after careful consideration decided to outsource their end-to-end payments processing to equensWorldline SE. This includes SEPA processing, cross-border payments, high value payments, compliances services, investigations, archiving and additionally a full channel service suite including SWIFT service bureau, corporate access and paper based payments. Degussa Bank decided to make use of our payments processing back office platform because it provides a wide range of real-time monitoring and processing functionality including instant payments.


  • Supporting all payment types: Domestic Payments including full SEPA coverage (SCT, SDD and SCC), Instant Payments, Multi-Currency and High-Value Payments and Checks
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulation, also for local schemes
  • Offering additional supporting services, like archiving, reporting or sanctions filtering
  • Using proven real-time processing platform, which is always open, always on
  • Full integration with bank’s applications for balance checking, booking entries and sanctions filtering
  • Simplified connectivity from client channels through back-office and to any Clearing & Settlement Mechanism, via business integration layer
  • All transaction data can be viewed via an intuitive white-label GUI with graphical dashboards or can be retrieved using API technology
  • Operational model supports a broad range of operations from software licensing, hosting and Application Management to full Business Process Outsourcing

Values for our clients

  • Reduce your IT and Operations costs in the payment back-office through economies of scale
  • Remain focused on your core business, while we handle your payments processing
  • Enjoy guaranteed compliancy with all applicable regulations, at all times
  • Introduce new products or functionality to your clients with short time to market
  • Leverage the newest technologies while avoiding long-term IT infrastructure investments
  • Stay fit for future product/IT innovations in a continuously changing environment