Cost-effectively comply with PSD2 requirements with our XS2A solutions

With the implementation of PSD2 in 2018 the financial landscape will change in an exceptional manner. The most tangible result of the new directive is that banks need to ensure that account holders are able to initiate an online payment and retrieve their account information online via a third-party providers (TPPs). Of course, this can happen only with the consent of the account holder, and only when this third party is licensed and registered.

This directive creates a whole new playing field, where non-financial companies and new FinTech companies will enter the financial market. PSD2 will fundamentally change the payments value chain, the business models and customer expectations. We help banks and TPPs to become compliant providers of XS2A services and we enable them to seize the opportunities PSD2 brings along.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • How do I provide access in a safe and secure way?
  • How should I deal with new technology like APIs?
  • How to get ready before 2018?
  • How to position myself? As a bank or also as a TPP?
  • What does it bring me? Is it a threat or an opportunity? Or both?
  • As a third party, how can I reach all the banks?

As industry experts, we can help

equensWorldline has been actively working on PSD2/XS2A since 2014, aiming to help the industry to make PSD2 work in practice. Together with other payment processors, banks and financial service providers in Europe, equensWorldline has set up the Convenient Access to PSD2 services framework (CAPS) which provides standardized interfaces and operational procedures.

Our Access 2 Account services

Access 2 Account Bank Services

We allow banks to become compliant in an easy and cost-effective way, manage the risks associated with opening the bank accounts, strengthen customer relationships and grow new revenues streams  

Access 2 Account TPP Services

We allow third-party providers (TPPs) to set up a TPP service in a cost-effective way, get the required reach to the banks in Europe and put competitive services in the market 

With our XS2A solutions, you can:

  • Cost-effectively comply with PSD2 requirements
  • Retain your existing customers and attract new ones by quickly and securely deploying innovative services
  • Become a full pan-European key player of the payment market

Practical step-by-step guide for TPPs

Are you considering to become a TPP? Based on recent market consultations, we know that many would-be TPPs feel uncertain if they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2. 

This practical whitepaper helps you to understand the potential positions and roles of TPPs when preparing for PSD2.
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PSD2: the driver of your business opportunities

Beyond APIs, PSD2 is revealing many business opportunities. You can rely on us to support your PSD2 strategy. Interested?
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