Accelerate innovation by using open APIs

The world is changing fast and this requires innovation and agility from digital service providers in the payments industry. Consumers are shopping anytime, anywhere and expect instant availability of information. FinTech players are disrupting the market with new services and products forcing traditional banks to change. Moreover, new regulations require action.

We believe in the strength of bundling knowledge with our customers to face these challenges together.

By making use of WL Open Financial API Services you can build fast, innovative and convenient digital solutions to meet current market expectations. They offer you the opportunity to accelerate innovation and accelerate your time to market. The equensWorldline Developer Portal is your dedicated API store, a demonstration portal for our open APIs in which internal and external developers participate.

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Our dedicated API development environment for open financial APIs 


  • End-to-end solution for acquirers, issuers, merchants, banks, corporates and PSPs
  • Easy and real-time access to data using standardized interfaces
  • Unbundled products constituted of raw data, functions or services
  • Offered as stand-alone or composed APIs
  • Controlled and secured access to our open APIs
  • Developer portal for internal and external developers
  • Process supported by our dedicated API team 

Value for our clients

  • Meet current market expectations and accelerate innovations using open APIs
  • Increase your revenue with new fast, innovative and convenient digital service solutions
  • Save costs by using shared knowledge
  • Have a faster time to market due to standardized API interfaces and shop approach
  • Retrieve real-time data easily and always have the latest data for your application
  • Meet regulatory requirements