End-to-end portfolio of effective fraud control services

The digital economy has created a new fraud situation in which companies face a number of challenges. The first challenge is to find the best strategy to reduce fraud losses, with the right balance between internal solutions and outsourcing. Besides that, continuously changing fraud patterns require the quickest responding action in the rules applied to detect fraud, and in the decisions taken to contain it. Furthermore, fraud losses need to be reduced by earliest detection. Finally, changing regulatory requirements need to be known and adhered to.

In facing all these challenges you can benefit from equensWorldline’s expertise. We have a broad understanding of the market, link powerful tools to highly skilled experts and are able to offer Fraud Risk Management solutions for every stage of the process. And we provide tailor-made solutions, because a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer sufficient to combat fraud.

Paynetics AD (former name CrediBul EAD) is a payment institution licensed in the EU and principal member of international card schemes VISA and MasterCard. 

The challenge was to set up a Fraud Risk Management (FRM) solution for acquiring and acceptance with client-specific requirements to support its new brand and to differentiate.

equensWorldline extended the existing payment infrastructure of the client with WL Fraud Risk Management modules WL Online Watcher and WL Fraud Case Management to implement real-time fraud detection and alert management with regards to  the results of a foregoing client assessment.
Over a period of more than two years equensWorldline successfully managed to keep the percentage of fraud cases without financial losses at a constant level.

While the overall number of fraudulently used cards is still on a high level, thanks to efficient and early detection, equensWorldline ensured that more than 60% of the identified fraud cases did not lead to any financial losses.


  • End-to-end portfolio of effective fraud control services
  • Complete and modular solution for issuers, acquirers and banks
  • Support in every stage of the strategic value chain: Fraud Risk Assessment, Fraud Rule Management, Alert Creation, and Fraud Case Management
  • Coverage of the full payment chain, easy integration in the ecosystem
  • Constant innovation in fraud solutions

Value for our clients

  • Our expertise, extensive network and accumulated intelligence guarantee an effective approach towards fraud
  • Decrease your investigation costs, limit possible revenue losses, save resources and prevent reputational damage through efficient fraud risk management
  • Reduce fraud costs and scheme penalties
  • Reduce operational costs (no investment needed for data exchange with other banks)
  • Benefit from expedited handling and solving of fraud cases
  • Choose to fully outsource your risk and fraud activities, or to use our services in addition to your current fraud management process

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As critical players in the payment value chain, both issuers and acquirers need to continuously update their fraud detection.
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