Engage your clients in a close relationship with digital messaging and sharing

Meeting customer expectations in terms of interactions is a major challenge for companies today. Customer requests must be clearly understood and effectively processed to offer a high-quality service and increase customer loyalty, whichever channel is used to interact with customers. Companies also face the challenge of cost reduction while maintaining a high level and quality of digital interaction.

With thorough expertise and close relationship with customers, equensWorldline has succeeded in building an innovative digital client/advisor solution: WL Trusted Interactions. This new tool strengthens the client/advisor relationship through a new omni-channel transactional journey, focusing on the quality of universal interactions through messaging and shared secure platforms.

Banque & Innovation 2017 Award

Our WL Trusted Interactions and our WL Authentication Process Management solutions, developed by equensWorldline, were awarded by Banque & Innovation 2017. 

Our solution

WL Trusted Interactions provides an innovative solution for digital responses, based on five main principles: openness, client knowledge, productivity gains, ease of integration, AI enhancement. The solution is based on a modular, omni-channel, highly customizable digital interaction platform that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

WL Trusted Interactions can
  • Open up your interaction channels with an omni-channel overview of conversations between clients and advisors based on their projects and life stages.
  • Optimize your advice and responses with better customer knowledge through the centralization and secure conservation of the interaction history.
  • Improve your analysis and processing time with the integration of artificial intelligence, empowering key features for the client and advisor experience.
  • Increase your productivity with our modular and configurable tool to optimize the processing of customer requests (processing, delegation, moderation, collaboration, scheduling, etc.) .
  • Be easily integrated for rapid deployment of a modular service adapted to your specific needs.

Value for clients

For your customers
  • Advisors can be contacted anytime, through any channel
  • Same level of service on digital channels as in branch
  • Electronic signature for personal projects
  • Autonomy with extended self-service
For your advisors
  • Effective, clear tool that identifies priorities
  • Support through collaboration and absence management
  • Improved customer knowledge with the omni-channel view
  • Administration and Statistics tools for easy management