Empower your customers to improve fraud prevention and reduce costs

Our WL Payment Modulator solution improves the fraud prevention services of banks and reduces their call center costs by empowering their customers.

Fully integrated into bank security policies, it allows end users to define the payment settings that will immediately be applied to the next payment transaction. This innovative and user-friendly solution enhances the bank’s digital profile and fosters additional trust in card payments.

Highly secure, whatever the channel, our solution is independent of card types and payment schemes.


  • End-user functionality

    • Multi-card enrolment
    • View information such as Settings status, Account balance, Recent transactions, Expenses history, Expenses graph
    • Manage card settings such as payment channels, transaction limits, payment features and geo-blocking
    • Temporary block cards
    • Receive notifications for payments outside of pre-set parameters

    Bank functionality

    • General service management
    • Preset card settings
    • Card enrolment
    • View reports
    • Update existing rules and create new rules
    • Apply card usage settings for authorization
    • Notification of end users
    • Transactions
    • Fraud attempt detection

Value for our clients

  • Business benefits for cardholders

    • Management of card parameters & alerts at all times (24/7)
    • Trusted payment method
    • Control of expenditure for them or a 3rd party (children, employees, etc.)
    • Personalized payment method
    • Responsible payment method

    Business benefits for card issuers

    • Reduce call center costs from card management or customer requests
    • Contribute to fraud prevention (for Internet transactions or international payments)
    • Offer your customers an innovative and user-friendly solution
    • Offer upgrades to an enriched card product
    • Comply with regulations on time