The PSD2-compliant back-end that supports fast channel developments

With more and more pressure from regulation, fintech competition, price war, commoditization, and new types of customers and usage, banks have to reinvent themselves and face their digital transformation challenge.

Our flexible and modular WL Digital Banking Platform provides the back-end that supports fast channel development. As a service layer, composed of a collection of business enablers, the digital platform enables simple data coming from the bank information system or third-party to be processed, valued, and properly displayed on the mobile or web applications.

Enablers are activated and deployed independently to offer all the user experience needed for your customers. It allows launching and experimenting new services through off-the-shelves enablers proposed by equensWorldline, or specific enablers especially developed for a particular customer requirement.

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Our Digital Banking Platform services

WL Trusted Interactions

Engage your clients in a close relationship with digital messaging and sharing 

WL Digital Preservation (e-archiving / e-safe)

Customizable solutions that protect your electronic documents with absolute trust. 

WL Payment Modulator

Empower your customers to improve fraud prevention and reduce call center costs  

WL Digitization (e-contract)

Achieve a quick return on investment due to the multiplication of sales opportunities and a drastic cost reduction. 

WL Trusted Authentication

An easy way to implement this strong customer authentication on smart phones or computers 

WL Contact

A state-of-the-art solution to efficiently manage your relationship with your customers and develop your customer loyalty. 

Practical step-by-step guide for TPPs

Are you considering to become a TPP? Based on recent market consultations, we know that many would-be TPPs feel uncertain if they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2. 

This practical whitepaper helps you to understand the potential positions and roles of TPPs when preparing for PSD2.
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The digital banking platform is composed of four types of components:

  • Business enablers: a business service layer, that processes data coming from the bank information system or third-party data providers, and provide added value services to customers. Some advanced and specific enablers complete the starter collection to offer more innovative and differentiating services
  • Bank API's: a set of documented and open REST API used from the mobile or web application that allows interaction with the different enablers. Designed to support the PSD2 standard APIs (Berlin Group, Open Banking, Stet ,…) for banks
  • Connectors: a set of documented technical interfaces that aims to exchange bulk data from a third information system to feed the enablers. Standard connectors require the bank to implement corresponding web services, but specific connectors can be developed to reuse the existing interface on the bank information system
  • Platform management modules: a set of native modules coming with the platform to ease management of your digital channels: scalability, security, API versioning, statistics, CMS, smart push, and load balancing management.

Value for our clients

  • Renew the customer experience with new value-added services, and create a unique customer experience whatever the digital channel is
  • Define the best digital holistic approach between web, apps, and branches
  • Mutualize the digital channel development costs
  • Leverage the core banking capabilities and provide innovating and optional services at the digital momentum
  • Capture the PSD2 opportunities and be PSD2-compliant on time

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