Enhance consumer interaction and improve margins

equensWorldline provides a wide range of digital services that enhance merchants’ relationships with their customers across the different stages of the customer journey – before, during and after the sales process. Our services include private label cards, loyalty programs, sales promotion services and innovative self-service kiosks. We help you to better target and adapt offers to match consumer expectations and profiles, and to deliver greater operational efficiency and improve operating margins. In addition, enhancement of customer interaction will create new sales opportunities.  

Our Loyalty solutions will help you to:

  • Better target and adapt offers to match consumer expectations and profile
  • Create new sales opportunities by increasing the frequency of consumer interaction
  • Deliver greater operational efficiency and improve margins


Our Loyalty solutions provides you with the following functionalities:

  • Customer database setup, storage and management to monitor customer data from enrolment to loyalty activity follow-up
  • A loyalty-and-sales-promotion-rules engine that provides a flexible tool to generate loyalty rewards and promotional coupons
  • Statistical consulting to help interpret customer data to better understand customer behavior and expectations and adapt marketing programs
  • Marketing support to help design the loyalty program and customer offers


WL Cash Club: Monetize your transaction data with this intelligent solution


As consumers, we are all constantly on the lookout for good deals. Merchants struggle daily to develop their sales and customer bases and banks provide their services to manage the related payments. Due to this situation, banks are in a strategic position to enrich these interactions though a win-win-win deal.

The WL Cash Club Card-linked-offers solution enables you to set up and manage a bank-owned marketplace and all its related marketing services. Its power relies on the intelligence of data mining to perfectly combine customer, offer, time and place. It complies with your data privacy and data protection requirements.

A ready-to-run solution that can be fully tailored to your needs

Bank' customer bases hold valuable elements to build a fruitful virtual marketplace. Their opt-in cardholders will be able to receive targeted promotions from affiliated merchants receiving coupons and cash-back.
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  • IT platform
  • Program animation strategy
  • Customer targeting  & clusters (data mining)
  • Library of offers for merchants associated with client cluster targets
  • Merchant extranet to set up offers
  • Merchant enrolment management
  • Merchant animation to encourage coupons offers


Value for our clients

  • Enables merchants and brands to increase sales and acquire new customers
  • High customer knowledge based on real transactions
  • More intimate customer relationship through link to bank channel
  • No IT integration
  • New revenues for banks
  • Image of modern bank ‘close to real life’
  • Synergy with wallet offerings and online banking