Create a card that fully meets your business objectives

Issuers are reviewing their business cases and business models as they need to adapt to the changing regulatory environment.

Our issuance processing services help to reduce costs and create a card that fully meets your business objectives. Moreover, with an EU footprint in issuance and management, we can offer transaction processing and value-added services for all sorts of digital payment forms and multiple carriers, such as wallets and virtual cards.

We ensure cards and digital payments are fully supported by the latest range of authorization request processing, including stand-in, limit-based and fully delegated authorization. 



  • Processing and value-added services for all sorts of digital payments forms and multiple carriers
  • Customized card design with chip and magnetic strip technology
  • Full issuance service, including distribution, management and PIN generation
  • Card is SEPA and EMV compliant
  • Data preparation and personalization functions for magstripe cards, EMV (chip) cards, contactless cards, mobile handsets, debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards
  • Cryptographic and key management processing functions in line with brand-independent SEPA-compliant applications, as well as country, loyalty and bank-specific applications
  • 24/7 card-blocking service

Value for our clients

  • Reduce your issuance costs
  • No need to invest in Issuing back-office environment
  • Drive your productivity and deliver a competitive cards advantage in the market
  • Benefit from shorter time to market
  • Mitigate risks
  • Increase revenues in your card issuing services
  • Strong EU footprint in issuance and management