Comply with the most demanding international requirements

The world of payments is changing fast. To sustain their issuing profitability, issuers need to redesign their business model, but also provide new value-added services that are attractive and profitable at the same time. Therefore, issuers need a processing-services partner that is both reliable and agile enough to tailor the solution to their needs. Outsourcing processing services will help you address today’s challenges.

equensWorldline already serves 200 clients and processes more than 100 million cards. We offer card management services, authorization services, clearing & settlement and dispute management. With an innovative and proven service, we help to raise profitability of your issuing business.

Our Issuing Processing services

Core Issuing Processing

Access the latest payment methods and e-environments 

Issuance Processing

Secure, cost-effective card issuance and management services 

Interbank Switching

A switching and authorization system that matches your business operating system 

1-Click Card Issuing

Fast time to market, real-time complete card issuing package 

WL Payment Software Solutions

Proven Issuing Back-Office and Authorization software products 


  • Modular approach: issuers select what they need – easy plug-&-play integration
  • Tailored solutions based on standardized global services, additional value-added services easy to add for support in fraud prevention and more
  • WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing enables issuers fast and efficient processing with complete Card Issuing Package

Value for our clients

  • Short time to market so new entrants are able to start fast and existing issuers are able to refine their portfolio
  • Offer basic payment services at the lowest price
  • Comply with increasing regulation pressure
  • Cope with complexity
  • Maintain your customer satisfaction and market appeal with new innovative payment services
  • Offer new services to generate new revenue streams
  • High-quality seamless performance

Željko Kaurin, ING-DiBa board member:

Just like us, equensWorldline always puts the customer first. Important factors in our decision for this partner were the seamless continuation of transaction processing and the ability of equensWorldline to rapidly carry out bank-specific projects. Other criteria included its expertise in the card business, fast response times and flexible support."

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In order to use our cards payment processing services, parties have to meet and adhere to our participant admission criteria.
When not adhering to these criteria, equensWorldline will suspend the participant from using the services.

Download our criteria (PDF)