Accelerate your time to market for instant payments

Faced with high customer demands, banks and financial institutions nowadays are expected to offer instant payment capabilities. The development of real-time processing technology with 24/7 service availability requires huge investments. So how do you make a profitable business case?

equensWorldline supports you in this challenge by offering solutions for instant payments back-office processing, based on our high-performance infrastructure.

Our processing is in full compliance with the European Payments Council’s SCTinst scheme and, in addition, delivers any local community instant payment scheme(s) adjustments. We offer a full integration with your account management and sanctions-filtering applications. Furthermore, we will connect you to any Clearing and Settlement Mechanism for Instant Payments. We can enhance the service by adding any of the other services, such as SEPA payments.  


Covering the whole value chain for Instant Payments

As a frontrunner in payments, we have the unique capability to cover the whole value chain, from white-label channel solutions for payment initiation to back-office processing and clearing & settlement that also benefits the end-customer. This way we are making European Instant Payments a reality.



  • Real-time processing and 24/7 service availability of Instant Payments
  • Processing in full compliance with the European Payments Council’s SCTinst scheme
  • Any additional compliance with the local community instant payment schemes
  • Full integration with banks’ account management and sanctions-filtering applications
  • Two-way connectivity to any clearing and settlement mechanism for instant payments
  • State-of-the-art GUI (Graphical User Interface) offering full track-and-trace
  • Provision of transaction data via API and other technologies

Value for our clients

  • Offer Instant Payments with a short time to market
  • Reduce costs by avoiding one-off infrastructure investments as our solution is already available
  • No need to worry about changing scheme compliance requirements
  • Combine easily with other payments types such as SEPA, domestic and multi-currency payments on the same platform
  • Quickly adapt your service in the future should your or your clients’ requirements change

Making Instant Payments a reality

It can be a challenge for banks and merchants to keep up with the fast-paced instant payments. If the end-to-end processing will happen within seconds with Instant Payments, every step in the payment process needs to speed up. The initiation, and the validation of payments should be processed in real-time and 24/7/365. Being at the forefront of the payments industry, we can help you to make Instant Payments a reality. Interested?
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Jürgen Eckert, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Degussa Bank AG

The complexity of the payments business is rapidly increasing. Growing regulatory requirements and new market developments like Instant payments place a major challenge for traditional financial institutions. Partnering with a specialized provider like equensWorldline that continuously updates its infrastructure to meet the regulatory requirements and constantly innovates enables us to strengthen our business with new services like instant or peer-to-peer payments.

Our Instant Payments solutions

On this page you find extensive information about our Payments Processing Back-Office solutions for Instant Payments. In addition, we also provide Instant Payments Clearing & Settlement solutions, as well as Initiation and Channel solutions. Click on the links below to find more information about all our Instant Payments solutions.

Channel solutions

Instant Payments at your customers fingertips 

Payments Processing Back-Office

Make your back-office ready for Instant Payments 

Clearing and Settlement

Secure, low latency clearing of Instant Payments transactions