Access our flexible platform that goes beyond clearing and settlement

The increasing demand for instant payments sets high standards for liquidity management and clearing and settlement (CSM) services. Instant payments demand real-time processing and clearing and settlement services need to be available 24/7.

equensWorldline has a proven track record in this respect. We process over 10 billion SEPA payments per year and have extensive experience in running real-time card processing systems with an annual volume of 7.5 billion card transactions.

Our modular Instant Payments solution is based on our redesigned and flexible payment processing system. This platform was designed from the ground up to be very flexible and goes beyond clearing and settlement.

Covering the whole value chain for Instant Payments

As a frontrunner in payments, we have the unique capability to cover the whole value chain, from white-label channel solutions for payment initiation to back-office processing and clearing & settlement that also benefits the end-customer. This way we are making European Instant Payments a reality.



  • Our Instant Payment CSM is fully EPC-compliant
  • Uses the new ASI6 real-time settlement solution for risk-free settlement
  • Secure, low latency clearing to all payment service providers in Europe
  • The CSM comes with industry-leading tools for liquidity management with a real-time view on the transactions and settlement flows, algorithm-based liquidity forecasting and automated liquidity management
  • On top of that, we offer value-added services such as an alias conversion service and real-time fraud detection

Value for our clients

  • Lower your liquidity costs with our optimized liquidity management
  • Reduce your credit and settlement risk
  • Adapt to local specific needs with our flexible setup
  • Rely on our scalable platform capable of processing large transaction volumes

Discover use cases that go beyond P2P payments

Instant Payment are going to revolutionize the way Europeans pay. Are you interested to learn how?
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They trust us


Bart van de Sande, head of Operations Transaction Banking ABN AMRO

"The best seamless payment experience; that is what ABN AMRO wants to offer its customers. As we expect Instant Payments to become the 'new normal', we will deliver this new service as fast as possible. We are delighted that equensWorldline is one of our partners in realizing our ambition."


Roel Popping, Director Payments
ING Nederland

"Instant Payments are the future in payments and ING wants to offer a superior solution to its customers. We selected equensWorldline because of their positive track record and flexibility in supporting the Dutch market."


Erik Kwakkel, Executive Vice President Payment Services, Rabobank

“Real-time is the future of payments processing and we need to offer our customers superior solutions that keep us competitive with the new entrants in financial services. We selected equensWorldline because its solution offers the high performance and availability capabilities we seek, while it is cost efficient and also has the flexibility to support the requirements in the Dutch community.”

Our Instant Payments solutions

On this page you find extensive information about our Clearing & Settlement solutions for Instant Payments. In addition, we also provide Payments Processing Back-Office solutions for Instant Payments, as well as Initiation and Channel solutions. Click on the links below to find more information about all our Instant Payments solutions.

Initiation and Channel solutions

Instant Payments at your customers fingertips 

Payments Processing Back-Office

Make your back-office ready for Instant Payments 

Clearing and Settlement

Secure, low latency clearing of Instant Payments transactions