Choose the best software to modernize your payment infrastructure

In our globalized community, consumer expectation is continuously increasing. With new delivery channels and new products, consumers demand innovative, easy to use and dependable payment instruments that are widely accepted. These expectations can be summarized in two words: anytime, anywhere.

WL Pay is an advanced software licensing solution that combines functional flexibility through parameterization and self-customization capabilities with proven production stability. It’s the best choice for modernizing your payment infrastructure and answering you consumers’ expectations...


Our Software Licensing Products

WL Pay Front-Office

Acquiring & Switching, Terminal & Channel Management, Authorization, Transaction Security & Integrity 

WL Pay Online Watcher & Fraud Case Management

Real-time Fraud Detection, Near Real-time Fraud Detection, Rules Management, Fraud Case Management 

WL Mobile Payments

Authentication, Tokenization, Cloud Wallet and Proximity Payments (HCE, QR Code) 

WL Pay Issuer Back-Office

Card Origination & Lifecycle, Transaction Processing & Clearing, Exception Handling, Cardholder Self-Care 


Vendor Independent ATM Monitoring, Distribution, Incident Management 

WL Loyalty

Multi-Loyalty Programs, Campaign Management, Bonus Engine, Card Linked Offers 

WL Pay is the proven end-to-end Integrated Payment Software Solution

WL Pay is designed to address all needs, to support the evolving industry standards for channels, schemes and card products, to meet consumers increasing expectations, and fulfill demands regarding increasing card and transaction volumes, fast implementation of innovative functionality and high availability requirements.

Our Dynamic Deployment Strategy makes us different from the market as we support Software Licensing, Hosting, Operational Application Processing and full Business Process Outsourcing. We offer any hybrid of our deployment offer in dependency of the client’s demands.


Ovum, a global renowned business analyst focused on payments and the connected digital economy, recognized:

“Worldline Pay currently holds the most flexible range of deployment options. Ovum believes this hybrid, flexible approach is likely to become more common for institutions of all sizes as organizations seek to reduce the complexity of their payments infrastructure while maintaining high functionality.”

WL Pay

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WL Pay Online Watcher

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WL Loyalty

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Mobile NFC Payments (HCE)

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