Deployment offers

You can benefit from our flexible deployment options. Based on your needs, you can choose the deployment mode that suits you best: Software licensing, hosting, operational processing of your application or full BPO services.



Our Dynamic Deployment Strategy makes us different from the market. We support a wide range of deployment opportunities.

  • The traditional Software Licensing contract typically includes the licensing deployment, the integration in the client’s environment which is accompanied with a services project in terms of customization followed by a traditional maintenance contract
  • For many banks that may not sufficient. We have the benefit through our own certified data centers to offer the extension to host client platforms. This offer could be a very interesting offer for new market entrants as well in mature and in emerging countries. For instance for a period of time we manage the platform with the option to bring it after a certain time into the client’s environment. Currently we are providing IT Hosting Services based on licensing solutions to 17 clients.
  • On top of IT Hosting services we are also able to manage the operational processing of the application and business processing outsourcing.
  • Depending on the priorities of a client we can offer the full BPO service which is the typical Worldline engagement, e.g. for a quick start into a new business.
  • We offer any hybrid of our deployment offer in dependency of the client’s demands. A good example for instance is a case in which we provided the client with the business critical acquiring and switching software in the licensing mode in-house and to outsource the complex card portfolio management.