Stay relevant in the digital and mobile payments arena

Keeping up with the market and staying relevant in the digital and mobile payments arena has become a major challenge for banks. Customers are always online, expecting ‘anywhere-anytime-anyhow’ services. Digital wallets and in-app payments will soon account for a substantial part of all transactions.

The digital ecosystem is becoming more complex - new regulations are emerging and at the same time less traditional ‘new’ players are entering the payment market. The good news is that mobile technology can provide opportunities, new revenue streams, and an enhanced user experience.

equensWorldline understands the challenges banks face in adjusting to constantly changing digital requirements and it can support them with a comprehensive and future-proof digital payment portfolio. Our portfolio consists of several services, which can be provided on a modular basis that is easily adaptable to your specific situation and needs.

Our Digital Enablement Services

Digital Wallet for Issuers and Merchants

Secure container enabler for your digital payments  

Token-based Digital Payments

Simplified and secure in-store payments 


Offer end users the most popular end-payment functionality 

1-Click Virtual Card Issuance

Activate cards for online payments in real time 

Value for our clients

  • Seamless digital payment services, ensuring customer convenience
  • Easy integration and minimal impact on your banking environment
  • Short time-to-market
  • Risk mitigation through secure and robust systems and processes
  • Future-proof business partner that smartly combines the strengths of several business partners and suppliers with a clear vision and roadmap