Optimized ATM Management with one single point of contact

Managing an ATM network today is getting increasingly complex in an ever more competitive environment. Clients expect extra services at ATMs, while business is complicated by increased regulation. Moreover, digitization forces banks to rethink their branch strategy. How can you cope with these challenges and optimize your ATM management?

equensWorldline has numerous years of proven experience and covers the whole ATM value chain from site search to installation, and from logistics management to transaction and quality management. You can either make a selection of our modular services or choose global outsourcing. This way you can optimize and simplify your ATM management.


  • Able to handle all major ATM protocols in the market, including multi-bank, multi-supplier and multi-protocol platforms
  • Covering the whole ATM management business chain: financial logistics, administrative, monitoring, maintenance, processing transactions, security management and partner management
  • Modular offer with three delivery modes: Integration, Business Process Outsourcing and Stand-Alone
  • A range of added value services on top of the traditional online banking services such as Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Powerful and flexible monitoring system to measure Service Level Agreement achievements
  • Personalization with many options such as look and feel, applications implemented or working parameters, dynamic animation of ATM screen

Value for our clients

  • Have one single point of contact instead of dealing with numerous players in the ATM network business chain
  • Deliver expected services to clients while keeping costs under control
  • Always be compliant to regulations and market changes
  • Enjoy quick installation of new applications and services

Free your mind with a simplified solution

How to stay in the race, complying to regulations (e.g. PCI-DSS), delivering the expected services to clients, while still keeping the costs under control? How to keep the appropriate knowledge to maintain and run ATM platforms based on old technologies and environments? We can help you to manage all these challenges. Interested?
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