Cost reductions through optimized Routing and Switching solutions

It’s becoming increasingly complex for merchants to manage payments for international and domestic transactions in a smart and cost-efficient way. Due to globalization, volumes and prices are increasingly important in the market competition, while innovation regularly creates new ways of payments. equensWorldline helps to face these challenges.

Our solution for routing and switching provides merchants with domestic and European protocol capabilities and smart switching and routing features. It helps optimizing global IT processing to benefit from volume impacts and to exclude overlapping costs. Volume concentration and integrated smart routing facilities lead to the most attractive scheme fees. What’s more, our solution complies with all major security requirements as well as rules and regulations.  


  • Domestic and European protocol capabilities
  • Integrated multi-channel capabilities
  • Global optimization IT processing
  • Efficient global reconciliation of transactions
  • Database access for global insights and reports
  • Compliant with international regulations

Value for our clients

  • Increase revenue with consolidated vision for international business development
  • Reduce costs through optimized IT processing
  • Benefit from attractive scheme fees due to volume creation and integrated smart routing
  • Ensure quick implementation of optimized switching and routing processes
  • Comply with major security requirements as well as rules and regulations