Global consolidation of processing on one platform

The acquirer market is changing fast. Globalization has led to mergers between acquirers, increased volumes, and price pressures. International expansion of merchants has created global platforms and innovation has fuelled new payment means and digitalization. Competition has increased due to newcomers in the market and acquirers are facing new international regulation. To adapt to these changes in the market, we launched the WL Acquiring Optimization Platform solution.

The platform collects all transactions from any point-of-sales or channel, optimizes transactions and formats, and routes transactions to the most appropriate acquirer. It provides you with a solution to support your international business expansion, optimize IT processing, reduce scheme fees, and at the same time comply with international regulations and new types of transactions.   


  • Global consolidation of processing on one platform
  • Multi-channel and multi-acceptors
  • Global reconciliation of transactions
  • Smart dynamic routing to local or central clearing
  • Centralization of services
  • Concentration of volumes
  • Global consolidated monitoring and business intelligence reporting
  • Regular compliancy upgrades

Value for our clients

  • Improve your acquiring strategy with business intelligence and reporting
  • Reduce scheme fees, optimize your IT infrastructure cost
  • Support your merchants’ international development
  • Enlarge your acquiring scope geographically
  • Comply with regulations and new types of transactions