Smart processing of all POS, e-Commerce and ATM transactions

The market for acquiring processing services is highly competitive. As an acquirer, you can make a difference by providing your merchants with value-added services.

equensWorldline can support you with a wide range of offerings in the field of ATM Acquiring, POS Acquiring and eCommerce Acquiring.

Our reliable, secure, 24/7 acquiring service portfolio will let you conduct payments and complete transactions with all major cards and currencies across a wide range of payment devices and protocols. We cover the complete acquiring processing value chain, and our modular portfolio offers you the opportunity to choose services ‘à la carte’. In that way, we aim to optimally support your business model, by enabling you to focus on your core activities.

Our Acquiring Processing services

Core Acquiring Processing

Support your merchants’ business development with a complete portfolio of acquiring services 

Routing & Switching

Cost reductions through optimized routing and switching 

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Seamless combination of multi-currency processing, exchange rates and treasury 

Acquiring Optimization Platform

Global consolidation of processing on one platform 

WL Payment Software Solutions

Proven Routing & Switching software products for acquirers and merchants 


  • European industrial acquiring processing platform processing billions of transactions
  • Multi-scheme, multi-channel, multi-country, and multi-currency processing
  • Full acquiring processing value chain: Authorization Processing, Fraud Management, Transaction Processing, Clearing and Settlement, Dispute Management, Account Management, Contract Management, Reporting
  • Value-added services such as WL Dynamic Currency Conversion  (ATM, POS and eCommerce), Open APIs, Data Analytics, and WL Cash Club
  • Opportunity to choose services ‘à la carte’

Value for our clients

  • Support a wide and extendable range of payment devices and protocols
  • Increase revenue and transaction volumes by being more attractive to merchants
  • Adapt the costs to your business by selecting the services you want to outsource
  • Services comply with local and international protocols and security requirements
  • Short time-to-market because of easy implementation of fully-owned acquiring services
In order to use our cards payment processing services, parties have to meet and adhere to our participant admission criteria.
When not adhering to these criteria, equensWorldline will suspend the participant from using the services.

Download our criteria (PDF)