Look at digital transformation in transport from four perspectives

How can digital engagement make journeys easy and stress-free?
Can you increase agility and reduce cost through more extensive integration across the transport eco-system?
Need to find new business opportunities and alliances?
How do you ensure that all payments are handled in an accurate and transparent way?

Digital transformation is the key to sustainable success in transport


Taking into account the end-to-end customer journey, Worldline makes it possible for travellers to enjoy a seamless journey while reducing costs for transport companies.

Whether you are looking at the challenges of integrated transport systems in our increasingly congested cities or the journey experience for the international traveller, the way in which you turn data to actionable benefit is critical.

As an experienced innovator in transport, Worldline is ready to help you reap the benefit of the new digital landscape. We will help you engage with travellers from the moment they begin to think about their journey; we will help you gain unprecedented operational insight; and we will ensure an unrelenting focus on digital security.

Worldline supports this sector by offering digital ticketing services, railway service (a series of “smart” route management services) and converging to a wider scope with our mobility as a service approach.

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Automated fare collection

Worldline offers contactless “smart card” fare collection schemes for multi-modal transit platforms that, among other things, allow passengers to use travel cards, payment cards and mobile wallets to “touch in” and “touch out” at the start and finish of their journeys and automatically calculate and process fare prices. The improved fare collection delivered to RedBus allows them to gain valuable data to improve efficiency in managing the transport network and bus fleet.

Worldline has delivered and assisted in creating the vision that we outlined for an urban transportation system. They have developed and operate the ticketing solution for our public transportation system that enhances the passengers experience as well as simplifying the transport operators activities and system administration tasks. Worldline has shown through several years its commitment to our city, always bringing its support to joint initiatives with the aim to provide a better operational and technological infrastructure for our urban transportation
Julio César Waisman, Ministry of Córdoba City Transport Services

Key services for our transport clients

Worldline puts operators in control of their business by providing smart tools. With the additional knowledge provided, operators make data-driven decisions which optimize user experience, e.g. timetable and disruption management.

Tap 2 Use / Open payment solution

WL Tap 2 Use is an ID-Based ticketing solution that is designed, developed, hosted and maintained in-house. It is a combination of ticketing and payment to provide a unique smart ticketing service. 

Automated Fare Collection

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) is one of Worldline´s most important offerings. The service is an integrated multimodal and multi-channel e-ticketing solution, including passenger information, ticket buying, smart ticketing, and money collection. 


Worldline ROMAN enables highly sophisticated operational management, with advanced and proven systems that can handle everything from automated route planning and simulation, to energy optimisation, collaborative planning, reporting and more. More than 20 million trains a year already use it. 


Worldline Integrale makes it easier to share operational resource plans among operators and other stakeholders, and make better-informed decisions, faster. This reduces train delays, and also gives passengers much-improved access to real-time information about their journeys. 

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