Key Market Challenges

Today’s customers expect their banking services to bring tangible benefit to their lives, while being able to pay anywhere and anytime for any purpose. . As mobile transactions rise and brick-and-mortar branch numbers fall, retail banks are empowering their remaining branches to be part of a true omni-channel banking experience.
The political and regulatory agenda is encouraging new entrants and increasing competition. Together PSD2, challenger banks and Fintechs are pushing traditional banks to their limits. Open innovation labs are providing the ideal environment for banks to create new digital services. 
Digital technologies are helping to make transaction processing and exception processing more efficient while making account opening faster, more secure and more responsive. In addition, digitized account servicing increases transparency and reduces cost. 
Financial institutions have seen regulatory standards, risk management and compliance tightened significantly, with the volume and granularity of regulatory reporting increased. Simultaneously, banks also have to deal with a markedly more hostile security environment. 

Covering the whole payments and cards transactions processing value chain


In an increasingly challenging market, financial institutions expect more from a payment services provider than simply handling transactions. They require a partner that can strengthen their competitive advantage.

Worldline is this partner. Financial clients rely on Worldline’s expertise to anticipate European regulatory changes, benefit from transformative technologies, optimize processes and mine data. 

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Mobile Payment in a flash

Rabobank is a major cooperative bank in the Netherlands and worldwide in the food and agricultural sector. In 2017, it offers an innovative Mobile Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment service for its customers, called “Ipayou”, featuring the added attraction of near-instant payment. To pay someone, you simply key-in their mobile number. The recipient gets an SMS that invites them to download the app or register via the Ipayou site to receive the money. Payments to Rabobank or ABN AMRO account holders take minutes – payments to other banks can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a full working day. The application, which uses the iDEAL infrastructure for authentication, is designed and hosted by equensWorldline.

We’re delighted to provide our customers with this novel solution, backed by the great technical resources of equensWorldline, who put the complex application in place.
AntonJan Cozijnsen, Director Europayments, Rabobank
We strive to adopt and leverage technology to expand the reach of banking services and create a seamless, userfriendly and secure banking experience for customers.
Shri Arun Tiwari, Chairman and Managing Director, Union Bank of India

21st century credit card convenience

Union Bank of India, one of India’s largest public sector banks, has launched Ucontrol, a mobile application, powered by Worldline, that gives customers control of where and how their Union Bank of India credit cards are used. With the card details uploaded onto the app, customers can enable/disable transaction channels (POS, ATM Internet, etc.), activate/deactivate the card itself or enable/disable foreign transactions for a country or currency. They can receive card transaction alerts, adjust the spending limit and monitor and analyze spending on a card. The bank chose Worldline for its unrivalled transaction processing expertise.



Bringing value to our Banking customers


customer engagement 


innovation to ensure sustainable growth 


burdens of regulatory constraints 


an integrated customer experience 


against any kind of fraud 


efficiency on core transactional services	 


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PSD2 is a challenging opportunity for banks, merchants and TPPs to offer tomorrow’s innovative value-added services to their customers.

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