Worldline encourages employee mobility within the company so that each collaborator flourishes in their professional career.

Mobility is a personal development factor which is embedded in our culture and which contributes to enrich our professions.

Professional and/or geographical mobility falls within the evolution prospects that we offer to our employees. It allows those who wish to, to benefit from coaching and mentoring ensured locally by recruiting managers.

Each month, Worldline offers new career opportunities within Worldline.

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Looking after co-workers, helping them to develop their career, and encouraging people to communicate, innovate and improve their skillset: these are just some of the objectives set by Worldline and supported by our ambitious development programme that encompasses career development, training, mentoring and tailored individual career development plans.

  • Our career development programmes

    Co-workers at Worldline enjoy the benefits of a variety of advanced-level programmes designed to boost their professional career. The ‘Gold for Experts’ programme is run in conjunction with the Universities of Cambridge and Paderborn, and the objective is to give our Worldline experts the opportunity to identify, design, sell and deliver solutions with significant added value together with their colleagues and our customers in order to meet our users’ evolutionary needs. The equivalent programme for managers is run in partnership with the HEC Business School of Paris, and is called ‘Gold for Managers’.

    The ‘Juniors Group’ and ‘Junior Career Development’ programmes are designed for less experienced co-workers, and these involve suggesting self-organised groups, creating networking opportunities and mini-management programmes including mentoring and gaining experience on the ground. The ‘LEAD!’ programme is all about developing the leadership skills of Worldline co-workers at every level of the hierarchy as well as encouraging innovation, sharing and training on the ground. We also have the ‘Transconstellation’ and ‘Expert Network’ programmes that make it possible for careers to be accelerated through studies and through the network.

    The Individual Development Plan (IDP) to encourage career development

    Alongside these programmes for nurturing our employees’ career development, Worldline has also launched the Individual Development Plan (IDP) for all co-workers within the group. The IDP is a support and communication tool for working with a manager and with Human Resources. It sets out career objectives, development opportunities and action plans for Worldline co-workers, of whom 97% were evaluated on the basis of their performance and career development in 2015. Various training is available including in Marketing, Management, Communications, ICT and Project management. The training is delivered by the Atos University, and it fleshes out the IDP in order to nurture co-workers’ development.


    Worldline also focusses in particular on developing mentoring. This involves working in pairs, comprising a co-worker and a mentor (often a more experienced person). The mentor defines with the mentored person a career pathway as well as development objectives for their inter-personal skills, their network and their own specific challenges. This long-term process is not hierarchically organised, and relies on a mutual willingness to undertake the process – as our mentor and activities developer at Worldline Mathieur Dubreur says, it is “a good way to help young co-workers find solutions to each thing.”