10 great reasons for joining Worldline

A long-term strategy, daily small-scale interactions among employees, a strong enterprise culture: here are 10 great reasons for joining Worldline – a business that you’ll love being part of!

Internal mobility, career development, a community of experts, mentoring, training, independence and responsibility - there’s a world of possibilities open to you here at Worldline when you join us: a dynamic business that’s growing fast. We are keen to encourage professional development throughout your career with us.  
Our values are also about enjoying the team spirit, passion, being cheerful and enjoying ourselves. Here at Worldline you’ll see just how enthusiastic we are when you come to our offices, and you’ll see how happy our co-workers are to be working alongside each other.
We work hard in a business that’s highly successful in a highly competitive environment, and we are driven by a passion for what we do. But we also know that it’s important to have a good work-life balance. Here at Worldline you’ll find that we are flexible, understanding and amenable to adjusting schedules to fit round your personal life. 
We are all driven by the same passion for innovation and technology. Our work teams are close-knit and proud of the solutions that help our consumers in their day-to-day lives. We aim to overcome obstacles in order to create a better world for everyone, and our operational managers are central to this process. They are accessible and there for you. We like to celebrate success as well as learning from our mistakes all together. 
Every day, we work on innovative challenges that are at the heart of the IT projects of tomorrow. It’s a dream for our co-workers, who are re-inventing the e-payment sector at European level and are part of a dynamic enterprise that is pushing back the boundaries of technology. Our co-workers attend conferences with great world experts, and work on the very latest technology.
Together we are creative, and this is why we communicate with co-workers from many different pathways and countries, all with different points of view. Here at Worldline, we treat everyone the world over the same way, and everyone gets the same opportunities. We work in an environment that values what makes us different and unique. 
Worldline is a manageably-sized business. The business supports its co-workers, who are rewarded for high performance and passion. Co-workers are also encouraged to make charitable contributions too – this might involve setting up a community garden, supporting an orphanage, giving blood, or helping children with their reading. Our business supports and encourages these kinds of projects.  
You’ll take great pride in seeing solutions developed by Worldline all around you. When you join us, you’ll see the impact that our products have as you do your shopping trips and as you use your credit card and smartphone in the home and in the car. 
We hire lots of interns and work placement trainees here at Worldline, and we encourage vocational placements among young graduates and graduates of the future. They get a fantastic opportunity to join a fast-growing organisation that encourages innovation and investment, and 60% of our interns and work placement people have been offered a permanent contract following their first experience here at Worldline.
Worldline is present all over the world, so you get the opportunity to develop wherever in the world you want to including India, Italy, Germany, the UK, France and Argentina. The world is your oyster when you join Worldline. Working in another country is something that is encouraged by our policy of encouraging internal mobility, and it is a great opportunity for further development.