Innovation is in our DNA

For Worldline, investment in innovation is a critical strategic priority, especially in the age of digital transformation. When it comes to payments, they need to happen quickly and securely. Worldline draws on nearly 45 years of innovation experience across three powerful centers of expertise in order to make this happen.

Three centers of expertise

  • The User Experience

    Worldline wants the digital user experience to be one of optimal simplicity, efficiency, naturalness, and security. Our R&D teams analyze emerging technologies to design the most pertinent, efficient, imaginative and user-friendly solutions for this unique market.

    Authentication, Security & Connectivity

    As an open system, the Internet requires stringent security to prevent transactions and data being intercepted or altered. Worldline innovates to maximize security while minimizing user inconvenience.

    Processing, Storage & Data Analytics

    Secured storage, processing and analysis of data are paramount to every area in which modern companies operate. Worldline is at the forefront of technological advances to enable the processing of increasingly complex data flows through sophisticated algorithms.


Thanks to Worldline’s unique DNA, we are working together with our customers to reinvent the world of payments and transactions.

  • Experience

    After 45 years, we know what our customers want. Worldline’s mandate is to anticipate major global regulatory challenges and optimize the performance of electronic transactions across the entire value chain. Through our strong local links, we are ideally positioned to support businesses of all sizes and contribute to their success in today’s fast growing and constantly evolving market landscape.


    We are at the center of the new transactional landscape. Our servers handle millions of transactions every day. This enables us to continuously reinvent and empower transactions in ways that connect the worlds of electronic and mobile banking and e/m-commerce. Our connected services for consumers, citizens and communities help them manage their future through high-quality secured networks that are available almost everywhere.


    Our customers rely on us for our knowledge, capabilities and professionalism. We make sure that their critical exchanges are handled perfectly and that the flow of information is smart, swift, secured, and future-proof.


    At Worldline, we are all driven by innovation. Behind all our services and solutions is a visionary culture that spurs all of us to greater creativity, nurtures entrepreneurship, and encourages the design and implementation of value-creating initiatives. Every day, we look for new ways of adapting what we do, whether it is developing new software solutions or anticipating tomorrow’s needs.

Recent awards

Worldline is proud to be regularly honored with prestigious awards for our commitment to innovation and for our leading-edge solutions.


2017 MPE 
mPOS Award

In-Vehicle Payment PoC

2017 Banque & Innovation 

WL Trusted Interactions

2017 Banque & Innovation 

WL Authentication Process Management

2017 Assises de l’ADCET Silver Trophy for Best Innovation

WL Tap 2 Use


2016 MPE Award Emerging Payment award

WL eBanking Payment Services

2016 PayForum Award

WL eBanking Payment Services

2016 PayForum Award

WL Connected Piggy Bank

2016 PayForum Award

WL Trusted Authentication with FIDO compliance


2015 MPE Awards in mPoS category

Mobile Seller

2015 PayForum Award New retail Host Point of Sale

(HPE) solution

2015 Banque et Innovation

Digital Assistant


PayForum Award

NFC mobile payment solution

Connected objects trophy

Connected Home Solution with SOMFY

World's best all-in-1 banking app

Mobile banking app for Société Générale


Certified Customer Review


Innovative Payments Trophy

eGo™ solution

Finalist Data Intelligence Awards

Smart Data / IO

Renault Supplier Innovation Award

R-Link solution


IF Product Design Award

Hardware security module ADYTON

Innovative Payments Trophy

Cross Channel Payment

International Red Dot Design Award

Hardware security module ADYTON


Finalist in 2 categories at the E-commerce Award

Social Store

E-commerce Award


E-commerce Award

Transportation card top-up solution


Good Industrial Design and Red Dot Design Awards

YOMANI payment terminal

Innovative Payments Award

e-moneo payment solution

USAGE award

Epargner & Cueillez loyalty program