Trust 2020 : A roadmap for long-term improvement

A big part of what makes a company great is its corporate social responsibility. Worldline has worked hard to ensure that it is not only a leader in payment services, but that it is also consistently improving for the future of the company and the world.

Through its TRUST 2020 CSR program, Worldline is determined to make CSR a key differentiator externally on the markets where it operates, a catalyst for transformation internally and a cornerstone for building and developing relationships based on trust. 

We have demonstrated that aligning our business model and CSR strategy is an effective way to drive ourselves further toward best in class performance. 
Gilles Grapinet, 
Chief Executive Officer, Atos Senior Executive Vice President Global Functions

Trust 2020

After three years of having consolidated a strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that embraces the principle of embedding sustainability within business, Worldline reinforced its CSR commitment by launching its TRUST 2020 ambition.
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Gender Equity Program

On 20th July 2017, Worldline launched its Gender Equity Program with the clear objective to reduce the female capital gap in the company, a commitment established in our CSR TRUST 2020 long-term ambition. Because excellence should not distinguish between genders, this Program aims to ensure the equality of treatment between genders and a balanced access to managerial positions through the recognition of personal talent, individual potential and contribution to the company’s targets as well as managerial skills.

Our Gender Equity Program will, among others, create and promote awareness about gender equity, develop women’s professional networks, provide training for managers on gender equity related topics, promote equity in recruitment and ensure equity in speaking opportunities.