Human capital, the key to our success

Interview with Patrice Gry,
Human Resources Director

A former HR Director for Bull, Patrice has worked in various capacities in Human Resources Directorship, including within the Darty group.

  • What is Worldline’s recruitment strategy?

    Our recruitment strategy is first and foremost based on our Human Resources strategy, which comprises two focus areas:

    1. Recruitment of talent, especially of junior level staff to be trained internally, and also of experts
    2. Development of expertise within the business in order to encourage innovation and to deliver new solutions to our customers

    Internally, we are keen to encourage mobility and promotion among our co-workers in order to propose professional pathways that are stimulating and based on challenge.

    Worldline is growing, and so employment opportunities and recruiting are likewise very important: in 2015 we recruited 600 new co-workers, and we are planning further recruitment for 2016. In the France zone alone, Worldline also recruited 400 young talents on internships and on work placements this year.  These recruits can then look forward to being offered a permanent contract – around 60% of our interns and work placement people have been offered permanent employment after their first engagement.

    Employment opportunities at Worldline are many and varied and include Data Scientists and Data Miners, project managers, business engineers, new ICT and security experts, research and development, database administrator specialists and architects. Joining Worldline is an opportunity to develop in a multicultural environment with a business that has a presence in 17 countries as part of a group (Atos) that itself has a presence in 70 countries.

    What is the potential for career growth at Worldline?

    There are two distinct career pathways available at Worldline. The traditional route is linked to management, and opportunities exist to develop through training and internal mobility. However, we have also developed a pathway that is dedicated to experts, and takes into account the specific features of their careers: our partners thereby enjoy the opportunity to transition very quickly from Junior Expert to Chief Expert.

    What are the values of Worldline, and how are they applied on a day-to-day basis?

    Our company's enterprise culture draws on values that are shared by everyone working at Worldline, all of whom are committed to respecting these values in order to achieve the business's various objectives:

    • Development of innovation so as to underpin our competitivity - a growth factor that is vital in the current environment characterised by globalisation and digitalisation. Worldline encourages innovation so as to offer its customers novel and competitive solutions.
    • Customer satisfaction, which is at the heart of everything that we do: as we are committed to the high quality of our solutions and services, and our objective is to increase the satisfaction levels of our customers in order to generate long-term loyalty.
    • Commitment to quality, which in concrete terms translates as production, creation and execution that is beyond reproach in terms of quality for both our solutions and our customers.
    • Development of our talent in order to be able to innovative, to create high-quality solutions and to satisfy our customers. The well-being of our co-workers and the development of their career at Worldline are major focus areas of our HR strategy.
    • Environmental awareness in order to implement the practices set out previously whilst also abiding by the environmental criteria embedded into our CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility).

    As an employer, how does Worldline differ from other companies?

    First of all, Worldline offers a solid growth outlook thanks to its status as the leading European entity in electronic payment and transaction services. The company's history of mergers and acquisitions in the domains of banking and multimedia means that Worldline has been able to develop a powerful enterprise culture – a culture that is founded on domains linked to payment technology, transactions and mobility. Innovation is at the heart of Worldline's strategy, and this has been built up over time through a mindset characterised by innovation and start-up energy supported by a powerful investment capacity.

    What makes us stand out from the competition is the way we support our partners. We strongly believe that Worldline's growth is all about our Human Capital, and this is why we have put together ambitious HR development programmes such as mentoring, training and certification, as well as setting up focus areas dedicated to evolution, reverse mentoring and skills development. We also have our Wellbeing@Worldline programme that is aimed at progressing our partners forward so that they can achieve their own professional goals. All of these well-being factors are in line with our HR strategy.  

    What characterizes your company?

    For more than 40 years, Worldline has been the European leader in electronic payments and transactional services, positioning its technological expertise along the entire payment value chain. Our activities revolve around three Global Business Units:

    • Merchant Services &Terminals which offers a fluid and innovative multi-channel purchasing experience, at each step of the buying journey.
    • Financial Processing& Software Licensing which regroups all the payment processing services along the whole payment value chain, industrially or in license mode, dedicated to banks and financial institutions.
    • Mobility & e-Transactional Services, which supports companies in their strategic transformation by offering innovative digital services.

    Thanks to this integrated economic model, Worldline offers its clients from all branches of activity, entirely customized end-to-end services from the solution design to infrastructure management. Furthermore, in 2016, we joined forces with Equens in order to reinforce our European leadership position in the payment services industry.

    What needs does your recruitment meet?

    In order to sustain our growth, we launched an important recruitment effort in 2016. Outplacements, temporary or open-ended contracts, we intend to recruit no less than 600 experts as we had already done back in 2015. Apart from long-term contract recruitments, we are also looking for young trainees and apprentice talents. In 2016, we have more than 400 job vacancies to fill in France and nearly 500 in all the countries where Worldline is present. Recruiting young talents has always been anchored in the company’s CSR policy, which is resolutely oriented towards accompanying young generations, in particular via setting up partnerships with several grandes écoles: PolyTech, UT, Central and many others. After their internship or apprenticeship, we offer open-ended employment contracts to the most promising candidates, which is the case for about 60% of them. Our strategy is based on a genuine development objective on an international scale. That is why we are looking for candidates who wish to grow in an international environment, who are motivated by teamwork, in a multicultural environment and are willing to go on missions abroad.

    What job vacancies are there?

    At Worldline, we offer many opportunities but we are specifically looking for the following profiles: Data scientists, Data miners, Big Data Experts - Project development engineers, project managers, PMO, NICT experts, security profiles, integrators, DBA’s, business engineers, Marketing, Communication – Finance, Management audit, Audit. We invite all our co-workers to join one of our excellence programs as managers or experts in order to promote their development within our company.

    What are the values to be shared?

    Strong values have always been a part of Worldline’s DNA. They guide our actions on a daily basis, are mirrored in all our decisions and constitute a common base shared by Management as well as our teams and which they adhere to: Responsibility, Trust, Operational performance, Service, Innovation and Well-being at work.

    What are the extras you offer to those you wish to recruit?

    Joining Worldline is synonymous with entering a stimulating universe, bursting with opportunities. First, Worldline is a future-oriented company, with solid growth perspectives in the payments and digital transactional services sectors. It is a real asset for anyone wanting to join us. Then, although Worldline is part of a large international Group, Atos, we make it a point to retain this start-up spirit which characterizes us, focused on sharing, friendliness and innovation, the latter being a very strong driving force. We attach a lot of importance to each and everyone’s ambitions, and we make sure to take every new idea into consideration. Worldline is first and foremost a force based on its human capital, the cornerstone of our collective success. We set up ambitious HR development programs such as mentoring, training, certification and setting up career paths, support for leadership through lead management and inverted mentoring programs…Lastly, Worldline is a committed company through its social responsibility (CSR) on the one hand but also through our Disability & Diversity program and the actions carried out in partnership with local associations dedicated to supporting young people. For all these reasons, Worldline is the ideal company for earning one’s stripes and acquiring new competences for building the digital world of tomorrow.