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4 September 2017 – Bezons, Worldline [Euronext:WLN], European leader 

in the payments and transactional services industry announces that its 

subsidiary, equensWorldline SE, was selected by three major banks in the 

Netherlands as their infrastructure provider for Instant Payments. This 

collaboration facilitates the next step in the process of realizing a real-time 

payment system. In Europe, several preparations are being made for 

Instant Payments, but the pace and the method vary per country. The 

Netherlands is one of the first countries that started the development of 

these real-time payments.


equensWorldline will provide a new European and global payments infrastructure that allows 

payments to be processed instantly so that the recipient immediately receives the money. These 

real-time payments will be available around the clock, 365 days a year, including weekends and 

holidays. This means that it will always immediately be clear whether a transfer from the payer to 

the recipient has succeeded. That is beneficial to consumers who can immediately have their 

purchase, but also for merchants who receive the money instantly. Instant Payments therefore 

provide a better cash flow and reduced risk for businesses.


Payment services provider equensWorldline is on schedule to deliver the infrastructure for Instant 

Payments on time. "The program to deliver Instant Payments in the Netherlands is well underway, 

and with the choice of an infrastructure provider, the three major banks took a huge step," explains 

Alessandro Baroni, CMO equensWorldline. "At equensWorldline, we are ready. The development of 

the infrastructure is completed and the results of the tests we have performed to date are looking 



The next step is to connect the three large Dutch banks to equensWorldline’s infrastructure. The 

projects to achieve this have been started and are progressing prosperously. According to the plans 

of the Dutch banking community, the first Instant Payments will be processed in 2019 when the full 

roll-out will take place so that real-time payments become a reality in the Netherlands.


Bart van de Sande, head of Operations Transaction Banking ABN AMRO: "The best seamless 

payment experience; that is what ABN AMRO wants to offer its customers. As we expect Instant 

Payments to become the 'new normal', we will deliver this new service as fast as possible. We are 

delighted that equensWorldline is one of our partners in realizing our ambition."


Roel Popping, Director Payments ING Nederland: "Instant Payments are the future in payments and 

ING wants to offer a superior solution to its customers. We selected equensWorldline because of 

their positive track record and flexibility in supporting the Dutch market." 


“Real-time is the future of payments processing and we need to offer our customers superior 

solutions that keep us competitive with the new entrants in financial services,” said Erik Kwakkel, 

Executive Vice President Payment Services, Rabobank. “We selected equensWorldline because its 

solution offers the high performance and availability capabilities we seek, while it is cost efficient 

and also has the flexibility to support the requirements in the Dutch community”


Michael Steinbach, CEO of equensWorldline: “By expanding our portfolio with this complete Instant 

Payment service, we demonstrate our continued focus to cater for the full spectrum of our clients’ 

current and future needs. This seamlessly fits our European strategy, aimed at supporting our 

clients in the challenges they are facing in the rapidly developing European, and more and more, 

global payments market, in which responsiveness, customer value and the capability to innovate are 

of the essence.”

About Worldline

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline delivers new-generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative solutions to the end consumer. Key actor for B2B2C industries, with nearly 45 years of experience, Worldline supports and contributes to the success of all businesses and administrative services in a perpetually evolving market. Worldline offers a unique and flexible business model built around a global and growing portfolio, thus enabling end-to-end support. Worldline activities are organized around three axes: Merchant Services, Mobility & e-Transactional Services and Financial Services including equensWorldline. Worldline employs more than 8,700 people worldwide, with estimated pro forma revenue of more than € 1.5 billion on a yearly basis. Worldline is an Atos company.

About equensWorldline

equensWorldline is the pan-European leader in payment services. Being part of the Worldline Group, 

the company combines long-standing proven expertise in traditional mass payment systems 

(issuing, acquiring, intra- and interbank payment processing) and innovative e-commerce and 

mobile payment solutions. Building on more than 50 years of experience equensWorldline services a 

broad, international client base in numerous countries across Europe. Clients rely on 

equensWorldline’s expertise to anticipate European regulatory changes, benefit from transformative 

technologies, optimize processes, ensure operational excellence and manage risk and fraud. The 

company’s unparalleled footprint makes equensWorldline a cost-efficient and competitive business 

partner for seamless, secure and efficient payment solutions.

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equensWorldline Press Contact

Marcel Woutersen (NL)

T +31 (0)88 385 54 27

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Annemieke Lambregts (NL)

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M +31 (0)6 50 21 30 91


Jörg Richter (DE)

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